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I Vote For A Season Long Training Camp


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After watching last nights game and seeing all the new faces plugged in on the offensive line, Drake Nevis, Brayton, Anderson and the second teamers in the secondary and the fact that our playoffs hopes are shot, I think we have the opportunity to do the most extensive level of talent evaluation, top to bottom, that we've even had. Don't get me wrong. I'm not proposing that we mail the season in. What I am saying is that as bad as Painter's first two series were, he seemed to inspire life into that offense. It seemed to flow better and the pace picked up. Furthermore, he's a Colt.

All due respect to Collins as I think he does his best and came in to help us in a dad situation, but the bottom line is he is finished and was retired for a reason. Painter is one of our own and he finally has the opportunity to step up and show us all what he can do and give us a good body of work. Up to this point, including last night, he's been thrown into some very unique and many times challlenging situations. Let's see what he can do when he is practicing with the first team all week and knows he's going to start the upcoming game. I am curious to see what he can do.

I saw a lot of new names being called on defense last night, particularly in the secondary. I thought they played well. They need coached better so that when they see a qb scrambling, they change out of zone and go man to man so the qb can't hit a wr standing in the "gap" of the zone. That has always been an issue with our tampa 2 scheme.

If we are going to submit to the fact that we are no longer playoff eligible, let's make the most of this opportunity. We can evaluate more top to bottom talent than we ever had and give guys playing time that wouldn't normally see the field. We can mix up schemes and offensive play calling. As a fan, I want to at least be entertained and see guys compete and play with heart, passion and intensity. Again, nothing against Collins, but if he's proved anything to me in 11+ qtrs of play, what we see is what we are going to get. The potential for a big play is far greater with Painter than it is with Collins. That's just my opinion and I base that off what I've seen in 11 quarters of work from Collins. Go Blue...........Lord help our Colts!

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I think they just need to put the best players on the field regardless of if it hurts some feelings or not.

I agree. If someone isn't performing or isn't putting forth the effort, pull them out and give someone else a shot. If Dallas continues to play the way he has or is being asked to block a Mario Williams or Rodney Harrison, pull the guy out for crying out loud. Put someone in who can block and catch the ball. Dallas, much like our entire passing game with Collins, has been ineffective at best through 3 weeks....JMO.

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nonesense, play your best, don't take let see what so and so can do and see what happens. Its still too early in the season and the AFC south is week this year.

Exactly. Play your best people. I don't care who we have signed and what they are earning. IE, as much as this pains me, Dallas Clarke. It's obvious he doesn't fit in our run first offense. He can't block the players we are asking him to block, ie Mario Williams and Rodney Harrison. This is no small task for anyone, but if we have players better suited to fit the formation / personnell on the other side of the line, then we need to do it. I would rather see B Eldridge pancaking a guy than see Clarke whiff on block after block and / or dropping very catchable balls. Clarke looks uninspired. Plain and simple, at this stage, if a player isn't performing, then give his backup a shot to see if he can do better.

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I think everyone is correct. Dallas Clark looks like a fish out of water, but he is a finese timing Pass Catching tight end. Unfortunately, we have needed extra help on the line to protect our QB. Perhaps we can put Eldridge on the line and put Dallas in the slot, because the Tight End as a passing weapon use to be our bread and butter. The old cliche' is the tight end is the Qb safety net, and we have one of the best pass catching tight end in the league. We need to get some rythim back into our putrid passing attack. We have too much talent we just need to get a QB to get the ball to the talent.


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