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  1. You make me laugh. In regards to the Manning take, not sure if you are being sarcastic or serious. I tend to think sarcastic. As far as Irsay is concerned, I understand your sentiment and respect it. I would also say that Irsay owns the team and what he does with it is up to him. Whether we like it as fans or not doesn't really matter as he's going to do what he feels is in the best interest for the team. If you really want to get into it, be mad at him for allowing the Polian's to run our team into the ground dating back to the draft following our super bowl, paying players too much mon
  2. What will your position be if the Broncos lose tonight with Peyton behind center, at home and with a much better squad?
  3. This would go down as another change compared to year's past. See: Gonzalez / Bob Sanders. Nice to see us finally learning some tough lessons.
  4. I see six wins: JAX / Vikings / Cleveland / Miami / Buffalo / Jets
  5. All good points. I respect any and all opinions and ask the same from anyone else on mine. I also take no offense to anyone having a problem with anything directed toward me based off what I write in a derogatory way. At the end of the day, and this is my opinion that also seems to be shared with most other level headed colts fans as well as seemingly every analyst and sports writer, the Colts not resigning Manning was in the best interest of our franchise. To Agree or disagree with that doesn't really matter b/c it won't change the outcome. Honestly and unselfishly, I am happy for Peyton
  6. Let me clarify my "punks" reference. This references the fans who will bail on this club now that 18 is gone. No question PM did inmeasurable good things for this franchise, including growing the fan base. As a fan that grew up going to Colts games in a 3/4 full dome and was only full when a well traveled opposing team's fan base came to play, I can fully appreciate a sold out LOS complete with Blue jerseys. What I can't appreciate is fans bailing on the Colts now that PM is gone. These fans aren't Colts fans. Their spoiled rotten fans who are loyal to a player, not a franchise, and are
  7. I agree, BUT.......I don't know how old you are or if you are old enough to remember Elway in the 80's. He had an enormous gun and threw a ton of bombs scrambling out of the pocket or running for first downs early in his career. Ironically, many comparisons are being made to Elway and Luck. They both went to Stanford and both will likely be drafted by the Colts. I say we get this Stanford stud and I hope he's as good as Elway was and I'd love it if his game mirrored Elways. Elway in his early years was a blast to watch. He always extended a play with his arm, legs or a combination of the
  8. This is a very good segment tonight on ESPN. I'm not the biggest Kiper fan, but I like what he says about Lucks stats in the red zone. 70% completion rate. 27td's. No Int's. Regardless, it seems we can't miss on either QB. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zrcrbUkYZo
  9. No worries chief. BTW, I love your quote. Another good quote, "you can't fix stupid". Ron White.
  10. Indeed........but it all falls under the realm of change and new direction. It would have taken me forever to come up with 10 reasons exclusive to Manning and several were mentioned tongue in cheek and good fun. We've had enough doom and gloom for the past 3 weeks. Time to lift the clouds, open the blinds, let the sunshine come in and see that our future is bright. Personally, I am sad to see it go and even more sad our run didn't come with more rings. But the excitement is in rebuilding and I can't wait to be a part of it.
  11. As far as my #1 reason, your counter point isn't necessarily true. We have a change in coaching and management. The Saints, Packers and PATS all had their shots at greatness and went for it. Not having decide to rest your starters doesn't mean you are going to suck. I won't go into countering the rest of your points to mine. As I outlined, I said some of these tongue in cheek. My advice to you is to get over it. Peyton is gone and isn't coming back. Our future is bright and while people inherantly resist change, change is good and exciting. This is our team.......move forward with the
  12. No problem. I've been wanting to do this post for awhile but needed to have some personal healing myself. Now that Peyton is officially gone and with another team and seeing the new direction our club is headed along with the uncharacteristic FA activity, new defensive scheme, and a fresh new start beginning with the upcoming draft, it has me excited. The future is here, it just happened sooner than we all expected.
  13. No question we have several needs. However, I would say our biggest need is in the secondary.
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