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4 Players That Deserve A Shot


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The Colts are having an awful year, and the coaching staff doesn’t seem to be making any big changes. The offensive line has been playing very pooly, especially Jeff Linkenbach who let Jamaal Sheard, Mario Williams and J.J Watt get around him. Two of those players are rookies. Ben Ijalana is Jeff Linkenbach’s backup and I believe he’s worth a start. Jacob Lacey has been playing badly, he’s missed some tackles, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that all the QBs seem to go for his receiver and he doesn’t do a thing about it. His coverage skills are weak, he’s quite slow, and he lets all these guys get around him. Justin Tryon is his backup, and Tryon is a better tackler and coverer. Those are just two of the players that deserve a shot at the starting job. There are some other players like them.

Let’s start with Ben Ijalana. Ben Ijalana was the expected starter after Ryan Diem; the old starter was moved to right guard. All Colts fans knew that Jeff Linkenbach was bad, and if you didn’t know that, then you saw that in the preseason. Ben Ijalana looked good in the preseason, and he’s much more versatile than Linkenbach which is better for a tackle. He may not be as strong, but he’s quicker and better than him. Link is a better run stopper, but Ijalana is a better pass protecter and that’s been our main issue: pass protection, so Ijalana would give Kerry some much needed time. It’s not like the Colts are going to do much with this season, so why not give the kid some much-needed experience. He’ll probably see that he’s better than Linkenbach.

Another player is Justin Tryon. We all have a good idea what Justin Tryon brings to the table: speed, good tackling skills, decent coverage skills (better than Lacey), but most of all his potential is incredible. He has a ton of potential, perhaps one of the guys on the team with the most. He should have been the starter at the beginning of the season due to his good preseason performance and Jacob’s poor performance. Maybe they will see that Jacob is bad and Justin is good, and they’ll make the switch.

Drake Nevis is a guy who deserves a shot. Although, he is not better than Fili Moala and Antonio Johnson as of right now, he may be at the end of the year. I think he should be getting more snaps. I think that he is better than Eric Foster at DT, because Foster is a better DE. I think he should get a lot of snaps, especially on 2nd and 3rd downs because that’s when most teams tend to pass it on. He deserves a shot.

The final person who I think deserves a shot is Jacob Tamme. I know that he’s not as good as Dallas Clark, but there is a thing called playing a 2 tight end set. He was the best tight end for the 2nd half of the season last year in the NFL. That’s a fact. He has so much potential, and he’s a great tight end. We shouldn’t leave him there on the bench, and the only time he gets up is for the special teams. He has great hands and could do a great job opposite to Clark. It will add more threats to our offense.

Those 4 players are worth a shot, because they have potential to be really good, and I think they should get some valuable time on the field so that they can develop properly.

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I agree with giving Ijalana a shot, and I believe if links poor play continues we will both get our wish and have Ijalana start. Tamme should get some opportunities in 2 TE sets, I don't see him getting a lot of balls thrown to him due to Collins being qb. Drake Nevis has played well thus far when giving the opportunity, he should be our future and IMO I wouldn't be surprised if he is starting along side AJ at the end of the season

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Once it was determined that Peyton would not be able to play this season, why did the organization not immediately sign a healthy veteran like Jim Sorgi whom remains on the Free Agent Wire? He is the only backup in the past fifteen or so years whom has actually played and had success when called upon by our team. We of course placed him on IR in 2009 and he was waived IR from the Giants. However, he is healthly now and acutally knows our system.

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