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  1. Cole Hikutini, unsurprisingly goes home, signed with the Niners.
  2. Would LOVE to see Cole Hikutini (TE) and Devonte Fields (Pass Rusher) from Louisville. Both killed it at UofL this past season and have solid upside. Go Cards.
  3. That makes sense, I never really thought about it that way.
  4. Okay, legit question here: If they were always going to pay TY, why did you draft Dorsett rather than a position of need, such as Malcolm Brown or Landon Collins?
  5. LOL. The English Premier League and La Liga beg to differ. By the way I mean this as far as free will spending goes rather than like gross net income. The NFL is greedy when it comes to money imo
  6. I'd take a shot on him. If he is good then great. Otherwise he's cut like anyone else. The bullying thing cannot define him because he is human and has emotions. Every single player in the NFL can be mentally torn down if it goes on long enough. This isn't about that nonsense. This is about his football talent, the bullying thing means nothing. To me, he's just any other mediocre lineman with a little bit of upside and nothing more, nothing less.
  7. I want to second Kenny Bell and Dee Hart. Kenny Bell is a very smart player and has good hands. He will be a solid complimentary receiver in the future. It doesn't hurt that he is an absolute class act. Dee Hart has had all the tools to be a good back but was always stuck behind someone at Bama. When he graduated and went to play with McElwain at Colorado State, he showed what he could do.
  8. I want to grab two new safeties this offseason, with at least one in the draft. The only guys worthy of a top 3 round pick are Landon Collins from Alabama and my boy Gerod Holliman, and I'd be happy with either. They remind me of Donte Whitner and Jairus Byrd, respectively.
  9. Any Jerk with vision can be an elite running back behind an elite line. You know what else an elite line does? Keeps Andrew upright. I'll take the line, thank you very much.
  10. Not letting guys wear single digits is something I will never understand. Receivers, defensive backs and running backs should be allowed to imo
  11. This is day one of free agency. Free agency is for veterans to fill out the roster. We have no future at safety past 2016. We need to draft one, and likely will this year.
  12. They are pretty consistent. He got to every quarterback he faced using his moves, even Jameis (although Jameis threw it away).
  13. This is nothing to do with him not being wanted. It's everything to do with the price tag he is asking. On the open market, after last season, where he put up incredible numbers (by carrying the ball more than anyone else with no regard for his long term health and also behind the best offensive line in the league, no less) he is going to get paid, and big time. I just don't want to see the Colts sign him for that much money. The risk is just too high for what seems to be little reward. Yes, he's talented, but he's still just a "good" back. He's nothing too special. Throw any decent back behind that line and they will look awesome. That's how lines work. Speaking of that, we should invest in one of those...
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