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Over / Under Antoine Bethea 100 Tackles / 3 Ints / 1 Sack


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It depends on how durable he is. Even if he does play every game I'd really rather the safeties not average 7 tackles a game but something tells me he might.

True, but Bethea and Brackett are usually our tackle leaders. Bethea has proven to be pretty durable. I say over on tackles (just barely), over on INTs and under on sacks.

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Do you guys think that Antoine Bethea will get:

Over / Under 100 tackles

Over / Under 3 INTs

Over / Under 1 Sack

I think he gets under everything, but he gets like 94 tackles and 2 INTs, and 0 sacks. What do you guys think?®

Hopefully its Under on the tackles.. that would mean the Line and the LB's are doing their job... Over on the INT's despite last sundays game the colts will cause alot of pressure hence the bad throws and INT's and 1 sack is as realistic as it can get id say.

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Under on tackles (just barely, in the 90's), over on interceptions (4), and no sacks (0). That's my opinion.

I'm going to agree with you on this one, except maybe interceptions. I agree with the over, but he might be able to sneak in a 5th even. Mabybe that's a bit optimistic on my part, but that's what I'm thinking.

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