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  1. if schaub plays like this week, i could see a good close game, maybe win by a fieldgoal
  2. that would awesome! upset about all this going on, if the onside kick didnt work, it may not have been such a big deal
  3. after what happened last night with the texans, is it possible to take both games from houston? that would be awesome
  4. may be tough game, Johnson also seems to have got some groove back good luck
  5. ok! just curious, because if they beat them twice, that shakes up a lot of things!
  6. just curious have not been watching many colts games, have seen two game winning drives, where both times the WR/RB made plays to get into the end zone.... Ballard/Avery.. I am curious to know, not be being biased, if the colts have what it takes to win one, or maybe even 2 against the texans... ..... especially since it seems they are resting foster, and almost lost to the jags/lions..
  7. long time, really impressed with the way it was done, i have a lot of respect for sanders, the person he is, the father he had, and the adversity he had to face--- one example, when he got to 2000 yards, the first 2 games due to the new running scheme he had like 25 yards and reeled off the rest
  8. but he does wonder ful plays as well, he is a game changer even on punt returns, i remember it was him who messed the giants up in 2010
  9. ya that is never good, i think caldwell was nepotism at its finest ps. i dislike LOOsing
  10. they just released the numbers, stafford is playing minimum veteran salary and converted his guranteed money 10 mill plus into a bonus over 4 yrs, that has to speak something about the guy
  11. the odds were slim, but could be true in the endP:)
  12. ok i listned to this presser, he said, "bring" a super bowl, everyone has the same goal and vision to bring a super bowl, we also have to look at it from his point of view, could be lower class family, lost father, and as a foot ball player in the NFL your career is at stake every snap, so i understand how fans view him as a punk, and i would agree when he dropped the football scoring a td, makes him a punk but he is talented and gifted and seemed to be very humble we will wait and see now what will happen, asides from safety's playing deep deep back on the field
  13. pretty sure reggie signing back with indy had to do with Chuck, so it has to say something
  14. i know, what is known, pagano cannot be any worse than caldwell,or defense cannot be any worse than last year, but with having 1st rd picks in every round, possibly moving down, we could have cleaned up nicely on defense and the o line im not a g/m just saying, i know no matter how much i keep saying it, nothing will change
  15. im just really amazed, how many of you peyton haters even watched his 20 minute presser, great football player not so great actor, watch it, seemed like someone really just took away something that made him so happy
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