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  1. Great post ruksak. We didn't come out to play on Sunday, and I doubt there's anyone who would say that we lost because of the cheating. The sickening thing to me, though, is how many people who are coming out and saying "it doesn't matter, the game wasn't close" or "everyone does it, who cares?" What's happened to our culture where cheating isn't a big deal any more?? How can people possibly justify or overlook the blatant lack of integrity displayed here? What is this telling our kids? Our culture has gone from one where integrity is paramount to one where cheating's not a big deal and
  2. shecolt, that picture of him with the double amputee was my favorite part as well, though maybe for a different reason. The soldier in that picture with Peyton was a West Point graduate, class of 2010. My wife and I were in the same company (about 120 cadets) as him, although we graduated 2 years before him. He is a friend of ours, and she was actually deployed to Afghanistan at the same time he was. She actually visited him in the hospital there every night until they flew him out and sent updates to his friends and family. It's a really great story (not that he lost his legs, but that h
  3. How was Caldwell the fall guy? The Polians were fired well before he was. I really do believe them when they say they sat down, talked and thought about it, and believe that this is what's best for the team (which I agree with by the way)
  4. Not trying to get into an argument here, but how exactly did he restore honor to the team? I fail to see how a 2-14 season that had a lot of people around the league wondering throughout most of the year if we were purposely tanking to get the #1 pick is honorable. And why did we need to restore honor, when did we lose it in the first place? To your other points, I (and many others) believe that Caldwell was just riding Dungy's team to the Super Bowl in his first season, and as for last season, that was more Peyton than JC. Same kind of thing happened in Tampa when Dungy was fired there. G
  5. I got a great impression from him from the press conference yesterday. Don't know a whole lot about him, but from the conference, he seemed humble, but confident and eager. I think he'll do a good job for us.
  6. Agree. How much cap space does he (Clark) take? I think if we can, keep him. Assuming Manning comes back, I have a feeling he'll be back to his performance from the past, which will help a lot, especially if we end up losing Wayne.
  7. I'd like to see Denver and either the 49ers or Packers, with Denver winning it all. Don't like Denver much, but I do like Tebow and think it would be cool if he could pull that off
  8. I'd love to see him get some votes (has that ever happened for someone who didn't play a snap?) but don't think he should win it. As much as we all love Peyton, I think it would be a little disrespectful to the players who did play, and Peyton might not even appreciate it much, being the classy guy he is. I think getting votes would make at least a bit of a statement
  9. Thanks SheColt! She's coming home in less than a month. Can't wait!
  10. In a year with so little to be happy or excited about, this guy's one of the bright spots on our team. I just saw this article on IndyStar that made me respect him even more. He's starting a foundation to help give a full-ride scholarship for children of military families. I'm a little biased, being former military myself, and with my wife currently in the Army and deployed to Afghanistan, but anyone who honors the military gets even more points in my book. Here's the link: http://www.indystar.com/article/20111121/SPORTS03/111210363/He-aims-aid-military-kids
  11. Just voted for you Tuba! I hope you get it, you're representing us all great!
  12. Wait, we're the ones with the blue tinted glasses, while you're saying we should just blindly trust Polian and Caldwell and everyone else who "knows better", even though what we have been seeing every week this season, and what we've seen the team trending towards these past few years speaks against that? Wow... just wow
  13. So how much more of a cut does Peyton need to take to not be greedy? I don't know how much of a cut he already took from what Irsay was offering him, but what is acceptable?
  14. I really can't understand this. It is documented that he took less than he was offered, and would have taken less still, in fact he wanted to, but Irsay wouldn't let him. Irsay had already said that he was going to make him the highest paid in the league, and he stuck to that. How is that Peyton's fault? How is he greedy? He didn't hold out for more, he gave back as much as he could. HE was also the one who put the clause in to make sure the Colts could opt out of the contract if he doesn't recover from his injury. That was Peyton's doing, no one elses. Tell me, how is that greedy? In
  15. Can't help what they're showing on TV. Guess that has something to do with the play on the field though...
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