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What exactly is DAILY Fantasy Football?

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I'm still a bit clueless on fantasy football. I'm purchasing a fantasy football book for my father's birthday, and I want to make sure I get the right one.


What my father participates in are the events where every week his players are graded by their on-field performance in the form of points scored by TD's, yds, etc. and he has a starting roster with players he can plug in/out, but does that qualify as DAILY Fantasy Football, or something else? Come to think of it, football is only played weekly, so what does daily have to do with it?

There seem to be so many variations of Fantasy Football, it makes my head spin.

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It sounds like your father is playing daily fantasy football. Every week you can set a different roster depending on match-ups. Fanduel and Draftkings are both daily fantasy. There are different types of leagues, large and small, also there is a type where two players go head to head., winner take all. Some cost to enter (all prices), and some are free. The free ones don't pay money, it's just for points. The amount of money you get depends on how much you paid to enter. Sometimes the top 50% win money, other leagues it's the top 12 or 10 people.   With daily, you don't have a set roster, as each week the roster changes.  That helps in case a player is injured or suspended.


I don't know why it's called "daily" as it goes by week, not day.  it's the type of fantasy football I play; I never started a league where one drafts players for the season.

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