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Camp starts in Eleven days-What are you looking forward too


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5 minutes ago, JediXMan said:

Has Leonard always looked this slim? 


Yep. He's not that big for the position as it is and plays at a fairly light weight.

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    • Hurt again. Strange how you never hear of him being made of glass even though he seems to be hurt every year.
    • I know.  Some people seem to need the Cliff notes when they come on here. Cap money...... hilarious. That was so 2020.
    • Seems like you described Wilkins more than Mack.   However, if JT, Hines, or Wilkins gets injured, i would feel better with Mack on the team.  Love Mack, just dont see aburst, and doubt we’re being offered much.   From that standpoint , i like the insurance of our 4 backs.  This season anyway.  Run game is too important.
    • https://www.chargers.com/news/chargers-sign-dustin-hopkins   The guy who "beat out" Michael Badgley in training camp has himself been replaced: Dustin Hopkins in, Tristan Vizcaino out!   Kinda reminds me of when the Bolts cut their veteran kicker Josh Lambo in favor of Younghoe Koo, only to cut Koo after only 4 weeks.
    • Homer in a Leonard jersey would be the funniest thing ever. I know I am nerd when it comes to crap like this  . I am glad you a part of this site, guys like you and @NewColtsFan and @Wentzszn keep things flowing like a well oiled machine. I am grateful for people like @jvan1973 and @Gramz too, when I was new they treated me like a vet in here. I am not going to name everyone but there are least 20 other people in here that are awesome. I hope @Jared CisnerosBraves win the WS, it is 1-1 right now. Best of 5 now. @NFLfan has been a great friend and great person go captain Kirk , @HOZERwas my side kick on the baseball thread doing play by play when the Cubs were bad butts,@Jay Kirk - thanks for the baseball threads and @Mylesand @PrincetonTigerwith all of his Gifs  . I need to stop because I am sounding like Magic with his dream team speech  . @Mel Kiper's Hairfor having that fine hair time and time again talking about the ladies lol. @PuntersArePeopleToofor being the young gun that knows his stuff.   Last but not least @Nadine and @Superman and @RockThatBlueholding the fort down in here. One more thing @Gavinwe all miss you brother, you loved the Colts, Pacers, and Hakeem Olajuwon with that great D and foot work. 
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