SB ratings hit a 10 year low

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36 minutes ago, CoachLite said:

I'm not sure that the number of viewers equates to the quality of the game. Supply creates its own demand.

But we were discussing the overall viewership of the Super Bowl, and you said you didn't think it had anything to do with the Pats being in it.     


I was making a statement that viewership of NFL games had been up this year,  until the Super Bowl.  :dunno: 

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13 hours ago, King Colt said:

Seems to me I heard streaming was large.

Apparently Tv views were down but Streaming numbers were up 31%, according to a tweet from Irsay yesterday. 

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    • What you are describing is a loss of faith, not blind faith. Being positive does bring faith. Till it becomes negative then the faith dwindles till it's gone. For me I don't give a lot of attention to who is drafted till they are drafted. I don't have the resources and a whole scouting team (and coaches) to help me make the choice. The largest part of what most see is what the media shows. That means schools that draw the most attention. Good GMs pay little attention to what the media has to say. (or what the fans think to be honest).
    • I actually thought this thread would be about having the 32nd pick in the first round of the NFL draft. That would ensure that the player would have a 5th year option for us as opposed to the 34th pick or later picks, where we only have 4 year contracts.
    • This is a terrific question and a fascinating thread.  I don't have a full understanding of how compensatory picks work, but draft capital seems to be king now (especially in light of the rookie salary cap vs. out-of-control free agent contracts).  We didn't need the NFL to tell us the Colts had the best draft class of 2018.  I have reason to believe more good decisions will be made in FA and draft 2019, so this is indeed an exciting time.     Based on Ballard's 2 grand slams and other fine picks last year, you bet I'd buy a 3rd rounder with a viable backup QB.  You can't make Keenum's arm stronger and I don't know if even Luck can make Bortles more serious about football, but just having one of them aboard means you could warm up to Brissett offers and jockey for position in April.     I guess you'd have to take a look at your big board vs. team needs, run the numbers, and start wheeling and dealing accordingly.  This "game within the game" stuff is truly fascinating and probably one of the reasons I enjoy Fantasy Football so much.  Thanks for your post Superman.  Good stuff!
    • Maybe Jachai Polite will fall or even Devin White. There's some decent options at the #13 spot. Not sure if Montez Sweat is worth the #13 pick, but he might be with the combine and pro day coming up.
    • He brought in so many talent potential lads into the Shoe last year. These no-name guys are quickly becoming recognizable faces.    Gotta say that last years draft was amped with talent for many levels and positions. Some potentially playoff caliber quarterbacks too.   This year’s draft will be interesting as it could pose a challenge for most teams outside of the top 10. 
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