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Get excited for our 2011-2012 receiving corp


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Are you happy about our WRs?

I really like our receiving corp. They are not flashy or giants but they do well what wide receivers are supposed to do

  • Run crisp routs
  • Fight for extra yards

I love watching Peyton Manning throw it's a thing of beauty.

Pierre Garcon


Fights for the extra yard

Makes the hard catches, but misses some of the easy one...

Austin Collie

Another scrappy player who if healthy could be our Wes Welker.

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Reggie: no explanation needed.

Pierre: I sense a big year, plus he's a great deep threat.

Austin: He could have been one of the best receivers last year. 8 TDs in 9 games. 675 yards in 9 games. That's just unheard of.

Gonzo: If healthy, he's good.

Blair: Like what I saw from him last year, great replacement.

I'm pumped too!!!

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