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  1. I love Andrew Luck I hate the O-Line This is going to be a fun season to watch even if we lose a lot
  2. what a start for Lucks carreer I thought he was going to get sacked. He showed a lot of calm.
  3. I have a feeling the Luck-Fleener-Allen combo is going to be a nightmare to cover in the near future.
  4. 100. Chris Johnson (Last year he was # 13) 99. Ryan Kalil 98. Willis McGahee 97. Donald Penn 96. D'Qwell Jackson 95. Tim Tebow 94. Marshawn Lynch 93. Cortland Finnegan 92. John Kuhn 91. Tony Romo
  5. Crap mods I'm sorry thought I put this in NFL general. Please move.
  6. On NFL Network #100 - Chris Johnson Last year he was # 13 #99 - Ryan Kalil, Center, Panthers #98 - Willis McGahee
  7. Wow switching between NFL network and ESPN And ESPN is reeeeaally late with the picks. Is that on purpose by NFL so more people watch their network?
  8. Interesting. Multiple pronunciations I was going off of this. I figured his college announcers would have the right pronunciation.
  9. It's pronounced Few-ger for inquiring minds
  10. Lol that would humble him real quick. Or it could infuriate him and he doesn't show up to camp lol
  11. I don't understand... In Pagano I trust I guess
  12. Yea I searched and Minnifield had microfracture surgery back in January and that slowed him down Would you guys be ticked if the Colts drafted Vontaze Burfict in the 5 or 6? Have to watch the Ravens if they don't take him first. Someones got to take a chance on him.
  13. Does anyone know why Alfonzo Dennard and Chase Minnifield have dropped so much? Like a month ago they were both projected late 1st to 3 round Oh wait Dennard was in a bar fight my bad I forgot. Disregard this post lol
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