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Dolphins fire Head Coach Philbin (No not Regis:))

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I actually want the Superdome to be feared again. The NFL is a better product when the Saints demolish rivals at home. I'm amazed that your fan base is so devoted & strong since your last Championship in 2009. It's pretty cool that the fans are so steadfast & true. I hope Rob Ryan has a solid year as a DC too because I don't wanna see him dismissed. Plus, that look alike clone of Rob in the stands is hilarious! 


Brandon Browner was making plays too. I think he will be okay as long as he continues to see your franchise accumulate talent every year. He's used to winning rings in close proximity. He just needs to be patient. 


I think Colts Sense is a huge Saints fan as well. Sorry that I neglected to mention him before along with Bogie & Cs4. My bad. 



I guess they never have been to Oakland......:)

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I guess they never have been to Oakland...... :)

It would be funny if somebody took a selfie with Rob as an Oakland clone, a NE clone, a Browns clone, a Dallas clone & a Louisiana clone. Have Foreigner's song "Double Vision" playing in the background too. LOL!   

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