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safeties scored against the colts?


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I don't think it was a safety, but didn't we come really close to giving one up to the Bears week one of '08? Can't remember if it was actually a safety or not

you are right.

J.Addai tackled in end zone by A.Ogunleye for a Safety


anyone remember any others?

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The Patriots playoff game in the snow back in '04 I believe? Justin Snow snapped the ball over Hunter Smith's head and Hunter ran backwards toward it and kicked it out the back of the endzone for a safety so they couldnt recover it for a touchdown or give them good field position.

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The only Colts-related safety I can remember is when Freeney sacked Quinn Gray (I think it was him) in the endzone against Jacksonville. Other than that, I can't remember the Colts scoring or giving up a safety

We also sacked Phillip Rivers in the end zone for a safety at San Diego. If memory serves, that happened in the infamous 2007 regular season game in which Peyton threw 6 picks, Freeney suffered his lisfranc injury and we still came back to win the game -- oh, except Vinny missed a chip-shot FG.

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