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  1. Yup, I would recommend Buffalo WIld Wings or something. I live in Vegas and I was there almost every week because the Colts games would not show on TV.
  2. Bryan Fletcher (whatever happened to him??) The Reids (Darrel and Dexter) Freddy Keiaho Dante Hughes Gilbert Gardner
  3. Oh, my silly little Bob Sanders jersey is laying around somewhere. I feel like I retired it 8 years ago.
  4. I'm too lazy to go and try to find it again, but I saw on KFFL that someone cut Javarris James (he was still around?) today.
  5. This, to some extent. It's obvious we need a backup QB, but we could get SOOO much out of that #1 if we traded down. I say draft one late 2 or early 3. Maybe Nick Foles, Cousins, or I honestly think Kellen Moore could be a solid NFL QB. Eh, just seems like a waste. I hate investing that much money and letting them sit on the bench and hope they develop. Peyton doesn't let other QB's take starting reps. I don't know how much he can learn with no reps.
  6. There is nothing to communicate. Everyone is waiting on his health first.
  7. Does it really matter at this point? I mean, Orlovsky may be slightly better, but this team is still no good and we are still only going to win 1-2 games this season, so who cares who our QB is?
  8. I feel like this speech shoulda came oh around...0-4, 0-5....
  9. Yeah, I thought about that. Don't know if I want to pay the extra to customize one though. The regular replicas are usually around $80 and I don't see myself paying more than that. Found a couple websites that have some cheaper ones I think.
  10. I want a Collins jersey, come on Colts Pro Shop.
  11. The Patriots playoff game in the snow back in '04 I believe? Justin Snow snapped the ball over Hunter Smith's head and Hunter ran backwards toward it and kicked it out the back of the endzone for a safety so they couldnt recover it for a touchdown or give them good field position.
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