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2014 Rookie Draft Picks

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Are there any rookie picks that stand out to you that can have lots of potential/upside to start the fantasy football season? I am talking mainly RB's and WR's.


Bishop Sankey - RB - Titans. Probably going to be the starting RB over Greene. Also no more Chris Johnson.


Sammy Watkins - WR - Bills. Great player but just ended up on a bad team for Fantasy in my opinion. I could be wrong!


What do you guys think? Anyone stand out for Fantasy Football?

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Of all the rookies I'd probably be most willing to pick up Sankey with a late pick and hold on to him to see if he takes off.


I wouldn't with Watkins.  Rookie receivers and TE's tend to do poorly their first year and on top of that he's playing on a bad team with a bad QB.  Even if Watkins is the 2nd coming of Megatron he's still playing with EJ Manuel as his quarterback.


If Bridgewater earns the starting job for the Vikings then he might be a decent QB2 option in deep league.  I say that not because I believe in him the most of all the rookie QB's but also because he's playing for an offense that boasts Adrian Peterson in the backfield.  Teams are gonna crowd the line of scrimmage more often then not which should leave him with some decent chances off play action passes.  That said though in most leagues I would say that a team would likely rather go with a QB-2 that has been playing for a while.  If you are playing in a 10 or 12 team league there is just too many decent vet QB's to pick up for your QB2 to be taking chances on a rookie.  

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Sankey is everyone's pick and I agree he could be the man but I would keep my eye on Terrance West in Cleveland it is Tate's job for now but that kid can play. I would not be surprised to see him take over by mid season.


Jeremy Hill is Cinny too he should do the heavy lifting out of LSU probably better in a TD only he should be able to jump the law firm  Bernard will get the ball a lot crowded backfield.


Rookie WR usually don't make a lot of noise I like Evans in TB and Benjamin in Carolina unless the Panthers bring in a guy like Andre Johnson. They seem to have the best QB situations with a chance to see the field. Odell in NY if Eli isn't still stuck on stupid again.


I think Jordan Matthews could emerge in Philly would like to see Foles do it for another year but they have Macklin off injury and Riley Cooper who may not be the same guy seeing better coverage no Jackson to take the lid off.


I hate to even write this but if Moncrief some how see's significant time. It is hard not to mention Sammy Watkins but Buffalo has no QB he will make plays but can't see him doing it consistently.


West is the guy I really liked but Cleveland is such a mess was hoping he would end up in a better situation

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Benjamin in Carolina would probably be the best receiver fantasy wise of the rookie class just because they have so few options.


That said it really just wouldn't make sense to rely on him.  Maybe in a deep league you draft him late and put him on the bench and see if the kid can play.  


I wouldn't get Moncrief at all.  Our WR corps is so crowded that it's hard to imagine him being anything more then the #4 guy at the start of the season.  And remember he would have to beat out Da'Rick to do that.


He's a stash pick because we are losing 2 WR's next year.  But lets be honest does anyone really see Moncrief getting more snaps then Reggie, Nicks, and TY barring injury?  I don't.  


Next year is when you might want to consider grabbing Moncrief.  


Of course if you are in a Dynasty league then getting him now might make more sense.  But not in most normal leagues.

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Lyerla will be a stud if he can stay out of trouble long enough to get to play there is really no one in front of him should win the job easily.


Freeman will get his shot too may not be the starter day one but he will end the year that way.

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