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Could an NFL salary cap handle Madden-like scenarios?

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Hi Folks, 


I've been playing around with Madden 25 in Franchise Owner mode and after about 20 years of seasons, I have amassed 25 First Round Picks going into next season.  It was mostly first a matter of building up long term players into monster stats (at all positions) and then trading them off methodically and then with the #1 picks I got, trading those during the draft until I maxed out the 25 pick limit you can have in a given year and continuing until going into the 2035 draft, I have a full 25 first round picks.  It was really just a puzzle game effort which I enjoyed completing.  But I wondered, let's say methodically over 20 years a team could amass something similar, putting most of your salary cap each year into the best QB/RB/WR/TE so that you could win consistently and magically get to 25 First Round picks.  (I know, it's just a silly gaming "what if"). 


Once you had 25 #1 Round Picks, could the real NFL salary cap even support that? 


If you had that much young talent on the team at once, could you make a winning or even Super Bowl Winning level team out of them, and in year 4 trade them away for another 25 #1 Round Picks and replenish it over and over? 


Sure, it works in Madden 25 really well, but in the confines of reality, let's say IF you had those 25 1st Round picks to start with, could you do it? 


Just a fun thought puzzle if you have a few minutes to ponder, I would love to hear your thoughts.  And again, I emphasize I KNOW IT IS JUST A GAME, so no lectures on the unrealistic premise to start. 


So, you have 25 first round picks on a real NFL team: What could YOU do with that? 



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The first question I take it would be is it possible to collect 25 first round picks based on what you are doing in the real NFL. 


I would say no.  


First of all you have to trade off 24 good/great players all roughly in the same year to get the 25 picks.  And you have to do it taking a dead money hit every time you trade them.


Also the NFL as a whole is pretty good at the drafting thing.  If you ever look at an old but recent draft on Wikipedia you will notice the vast majority of the pro-bowl players (IE the best players from that draft) go in the first and 2nd rounds with just a few rare instances after the 2nd round.


So lets say you are drafting for 2015. . . even if you had a time machine and could travel to 2025 and go on the internet and find out all of the best players from the 2015 draft with full knowledge of how good each player is ahead of time and come back, you are still not likely to land a full complement of players that you could trade for first round picks.


As far as the salary cap handling 25 first round picks.  My guess is that it probably could do that, but I don't know how much money you would have left for the other 28 players.

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Yeah, I am playing on 360.  


Think of it this way: Kentucky Basketball reloads with Freshmen every year and the oddball sophomore now and then,   If you had 25 new players, that means you still have a core of 28 veterans.  The entire Colts team short a tiny number of players has turned over in the 2 years that Pagano has been around, so the turnover itself wouldn't be an issue.  For example, if you had Luck, TY, Nicks, our two tight ends and our two tackles under contract, the rest could come and go without too much uproar on Offense and you could calculate the same on Defense.  


Rather than say it's just IMPOSSIBLE, use a little creative thought and tell me how you would approach it.  This is just light conversation until Football starts right? 



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