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  1. My brothers team against mine in the Superbowl. Boy would that be something!
  2. Wait so Coleman isn't going to do anything at all?
  3. J.J Nelson! How about drafting this dude for kickoff duties? http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/j.j.-nelson?id=2552656
  4. Im more of a mid major guy but i root for Oregon when i have to. So #GoDucks
  5. I would also like a explanation but one thing i have noticed is Marcus slides to avoid hits unlike Manziel which is always nice for your star QB
  6. No pressure at all. But still.. no need to panic. We had our chances but did not capitalize
  8. This game is exactly why I love/hate playing in the AFC South. Good to see Matt in the game
  9. Being able to read Irsays tweets during the games
  10. Whole crowd at Lucas Oil ... Crowd noise will have a huge outcome on this game
  11. I wonder if we'll send our CB's on blitzes to create pressure more often against guys like Fitzpatrick, Henne ?
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