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    Apparently being a real person and standing behind your comments is less valued than being anonymous here where you can't be held accountable for what you say. So I removed my identity per many people's suggestion. So much for family friendly. If you want to know who I am, just ask me.

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  1. I am not worried about Buffalo. Just contain their QB and you're good. Baltimore much harder but we have a shot there if our run D plays tough. KC and their receivers seems like the toughest. I think a great run D is key on all these games incl. TN. We have to make all these teams one dimensional. The only one with too many skills players to stop is KC. The only way to beat them is being able to score more points than we have all season. Let's hope our O-Line keeps offering up the extra time in the pocket.
  2. Yes, because this is a bye week. I credited Rivers as the best option because the O-Line play was, in my view, a big part of the story, and not in a positive way. (He has a much faster release than Brissett). The opposite was true this week in regards to the line. They gave Rivers the extra time and he played much better because of it. Now his 2.5 or less second window is 3.5 or more seconds. Now even practice squad receivers can get downfield. But... now we'll have the stretch of the season coming up not against several of the top 5 drafting teams but several of the elite tea
  3. Real football professionals like you? Ha!
  4. The fact that you were here back when Trent Richardson was a thing suggests in Internet terms, you too are an old timer! heh
  5. And that is death valley. Too far to trade up without mortgaging the future and too low for a massive difference maker most of the time. We need a left tackle and a QB which both require top end picks usually.
  6. So basically whichever team was most pathetic. I will be very surprised if the top 2 picks go to teams with more than two wins, likely no more than one.
  7. So here's how we do it. We win the next two, we sweep Houston, we beat Jacksonville at home and we either split with TN or beat Las Vegas. I can't see us scoring enough to beat Pitt or Bal.
  8. If the Giants and Jets both go 0-16, how do they determine the #1 pick?
  9. We have 2 of our 3 easiest games left on the schedule coming up. Perhaps the offense will wake up. 5-2 plus a game remaining against Jacksonville get us 3 games away from a winning record. Perhaps we can sweep Houston. Then we'd need to beat one of LV, BAL, TN, Pitt. So it could happen. Part 1 is winning the next two.
  10. We have a winning record over two teams that are 1-9. We lost to another which also only has that win. It's the weakest winning record in the league. We have two more games over losing teams, then just as a weak Rivers starts to wear out as older QBs usually do, we'll get punched in the face. I am not hearing optimism from anyone outside some message board posters. Rather than complaining that I am too pessimistic, why not offer evidence we're going to have a winning record and make a run in the playoffs?
  11. I can't see where they get the ammo to make a big move? The teams at the top of the draft all need QBs so they aren't trading. The most FA experienced QBs were just available and it looks like we got the worst one of the top 6. Who will be a FA this time round? The kids in NY? Ack. Neither of them are the answer. An injured Dak wanting 40 million a year? Gardner Minshew? Don't forget we desperately need a LT. Those require draft capital. If we send it all somewhere in a trade, then what?
  12. Last season Luck was an excuse (though everyone says "no excuses" then goes ahead and gives him an excuse, but alas). Not anymore. He 100% owns Rivers and should get all the credit or blame and be judged for it. No more excuses. There were a lot of options floating around for QB. Bridgewater, Newton, Dalton were all very gettable. So was Foles. Rivers certainly looks to this point like the worst of the 5. We'll have plenty more evidence in the end. If Rivers gets us to a playoff win, then it was a good decision. Anything less and it was a terrible failure. The only thing that would sav
  13. We can't lose enough to get Lawrence, even if we lost out. The two NY teams are battling for Lawrence as are several others. They aren't going to trade out of that pick either and I think 5 teams are going to win less than 4 games and we aren't losing out. We're in QB hell for a long time with the good young players but no QB. Unless Eason rises up like Mahommes did we're in BIG trouble. Too bad to compete in the playoffs, too good to draft a top QB. We are in the weeds until Ballard and Reich get fired, we bottom out and get a top draft pick or we find someone in later rounds lik
  14. I wonder how we'd be playing with San Diego's current Rookie or Cincy's current Rookie. We likely could never have gotten to #1, but we might have gotten to #9 to bet SD to the punch. He sure looks better than either of our top 2 QBs and would give us a better chance to win. "In spite of" is only relevant if there was a better option. You've stated above that Rivers is better than Brissett, and though you may be right, the only reason is my view is his quick release. He has nothing else over Brissett. And Brissett at least didn't turn it over as often. 18 TDs and 6 INTS. Rivers is on p
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