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    Apparently being a real person and standing behind your comments is less valued than being anonymous here where you can't be held accountable for what you say. So I removed my identity per many people's suggestion. So much for family friendly. If you want to know who I am, just ask me.

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  1. I agree LV is critical. It's likely we can get the #7 seed with a 10-6 record, though not impossible for us to lose tie breakers and need 11-5.
  2. We have to catch up to their AFC South record AND their AFC record, both are 2 game leads. They play Hou, Jax and Cle. If they win 2 of three I think we're toast on that tie breaker unless they lose all the rest of their games AND we win all 5. Fortunately we should get a wildcard if we can go 3-2 at least. I think with our full D we will be okay.
  3. We need you guys to step up and beat them! It may be needed, though it not being an AFC game we need them to lose at least 2 of their 3 AFC games or we can't win the AFC tiebreaker over them as they has a 2 game lead there too.
  4. I agree. We should make it at 10-6 but 9-7 looks iffy. But we will likely see the #2 seed unless we ca win 11 games. Eason should start if we miss the playoffs because Rivers will be done. I think that would also see Jacoby back as the backup. I can't see him being signed to start elsewhere, certainly not paid starter money.
  5. Only if we lose 4 straight or are out of the playoffs. We should finish no worse than 9-7. That may not make the playoffs though as a wildcard. We have to not only pick up 2 games over TN in 5 games, we'd also have to beat their AFC record. We have 5 AFC games left, they have 3. We have 2 less wins in the AFC. We have to win 2 more than them, so if they say win 2 of their 3 AFC games, that is no possible without sweeping the season. We are screwed on so many tie breakers right now If we get eliminated from the playoffs, Eason should immediately finish the season unless he
  6. The game wasn't exactly a shock due to the missing players, but some of the themes were not what I expected, how about you guys? Reason's the game was lost and what's next: --------------------------------- 1. Rock Ya Sin. I think Rock is starting to look more like a Draft miss than hit. They often refer to his wrestling career, and that is never good because it usually comes after a Defensive Hold or Interference. He really put us in a bind with his first penalty, and drove a stake in our heart when we had them stopped but they got the ball back for a later TD, and
  7. Never over til it is over. That said it is clear our O schemes will need to be retooled to compensate. I think 9-7 looks far more likely than 11-5.
  8. I am just trying to even things. TN is the biggest beneficiary of the unfair situation since they got early consideration that, for example, we did not get. As it stands we can not likely win our division any longer and yet if we had a full team I think at least it would have been a much much different game.
  9. That's an interesting point. I'd likely only let people drop games for playoff consideration, but I do see where an argument could be made that is you take advantage of improving your playoff positioning, it decreases your draft positioning. Good point Pony.
  10. So what if next week Houston can't play, then the next week LV can't lay? How could we make up both games in one week? And it could be not our fault. Pitt has been hosed over this already and things are just starting to get bad. Or what if Baltimore has so many guys out they can't field a team, but t hen next week it is Pitts turn to collapse? I think we just have to let massively infected teams forfeit but give the league a break by letting them drop a game or two.
  11. It could be worse, your city could ban all Contact sports.
  12. Not fear mongering. I don't think these NFL players are in ANY real danger when they don't even show symptoms. Overreactions are connected with one mindset. My entire family is in direct line of fire every workday since the start. No one cares about them, but we panic if healthy pro athletes with no symptoms test positive. I am not fearful of anything but hidden agendas masquerading as precaution and those precautions are destroying lives in greater numbers than the disease. 75K extra suicides in the USA alone due to these stressors. Guess what HELPS people deal with the stress
  13. We have rising issues, not the least of which is the 49ers not having a place to play or practice and Denver having no Quarterback to use. We have lost 3 starters, other teams are worse off. So here's my plan to address it: 1. Every team gets to "drop" any two games (for playoff purposes only) from their record. This means we don't need to add weeks and teams can opt out of 2 games if things get bad enough and still have fair chance to compete in the playoffs. So all teams records would only include the results of 14 games of their choice. (I know tie breakers etc. would be
  14. The point was that if your back up is good enough to make the playoffs if your new 2nd year QB flops, that's a guy you want. I can't see a team that would pay Brissett starter money. We would need a backup, so why wouldn't we just hang on to Brissett as backup to Eason if he's ready?
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