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  1. I agree LV is critical. It's likely we can get the #7 seed with a 10-6 record, though not impossible for us to lose tie breakers and need 11-5.
  2. We have to catch up to their AFC South record AND their AFC record, both are 2 game leads. They play Hou, Jax and Cle. If they win 2 of three I think we're toast on that tie breaker unless they lose all the rest of their games AND we win all 5. Fortunately we should get a wildcard if we can go 3-2 at least. I think with our full D we will be okay.
  3. We need you guys to step up and beat them! It may be needed, though it not being an AFC game we need them to lose at least 2 of their 3 AFC games or we can't win the AFC tiebreaker over them as they has a 2 game lead there too.
  4. I agree. We should make it at 10-6 but 9-7 looks iffy. But we will likely see the #2 seed unless we ca win 11 games. Eason should start if we miss the playoffs because Rivers will be done. I think that would also see Jacoby back as the backup. I can't see him being signed to start elsewhere, certainly not paid starter money.
  5. Only if we lose 4 straight or are out of the playoffs. We should finish no worse than 9-7. That may not make the playoffs though as a wildcard. We have to not only pick up 2 games over TN in 5 games, we'd also have to beat their AFC record. We have 5 AFC games left, they have 3. We have 2 less wins in the AFC. We have to win 2 more than them, so if they say win 2 of their 3 AFC games, that is no possible without sweeping the season. We are screwed on so many tie breakers right now If we get eliminated from the playoffs, Eason should immediately finish the season unless he is simply not cutting it, then Brissett should because no playoffs, no Rivers. I think we could win 3 of 5 however and be a Wildcard. I don't love our chances at 10-6 though with all the tiebreaker losses. Cleveland is likely in with their easy schedule. Baltimore has the tiebreaker. LV may play themselves out of it so that would leave us as the 6th or 7th seed. KC or Buf/TN. We may yet get revenge on TN. I would pick us with a full roster rematch.
  6. The game wasn't exactly a shock due to the missing players, but some of the themes were not what I expected, how about you guys? Reason's the game was lost and what's next: --------------------------------- 1. Rock Ya Sin. I think Rock is starting to look more like a Draft miss than hit. They often refer to his wrestling career, and that is never good because it usually comes after a Defensive Hold or Interference. He really put us in a bind with his first penalty, and drove a stake in our heart when we had them stopped but they got the ball back for a later TD, and arguments could be made it costs us 14 points because it so deflated our team we went into a tailspin and gave up that ridiculous 4th down play setting up the 5th TD. 2. Loss of poise. I saw several things, but that horrendous punching and disqualification was so deflating to the teams loss of poise in performance that I wouldn't be disappointed to learn they cut him from the team, though I doubt they have the b*lls. There should be a near zero tolerance for a role player special teamer to lose his cool that egregiously and cost the team at such a critical time. 3. Loss of AC/Poor O-Line Depth may be a fatal blow to any post season success. We have a long long history of failure without our most important lineman. Even though he isn't what he once was (and it has been clear to me he's playing hurt as much as simple decline has kicked in) the drop off is so dire after him that I think only with significant shuffling can we keep Rivers upright and healthy and have any chance to run an offense not always in crises. With a poor LT, Rivers one glaring weakness, immobility is amplified 10X. I will say his quick release saved as many sacks as Mahommes could have scrambled out of, but the difference is he can't possibly complete meaningful attacks with so little time or free space to launch it to an open receiver. Frankly his performance under that pressure was the most impressive performance I have seen from him all year. But heroic sack saving isn't effective offense. This lack o-line depth has been something MANY here have been pointing not only all season and pre season, but literally going back to last season as well. And we had MUCH better depth last year than this. It was my #1 concern entering the season. It was obvious. A brilliant GM keeps making this same error. He admitted his failure to secure a quality O-Line his first year (after many had begged the previous GM to do the same, and I believe that is truly what cost him his job, or at least deserved to). Things that were hopeful: ------------------------------ 1. Hines has proven to be a warrior. He's our most important and reliable offensive weapon, much like the pass catching RBs of River's SD teams. We should never see another game without him being a key contributor, no different than TN using their RB to do the same. Everyone knew Hines was the only thing working, but he kept working nonetheless. Reich needs to stop abandoning our key offensive weapon. I even loved when they sent him deep. I think HE could be used much like TY used to be, leading to... 2. TY Hilton FINALLY utilized by Reich and Rivers. TY still has tremendous value. We were reminded of that finally. He still has moves, he can still contribute. Sure, he's not 24 years old anymore, but he is likely our second best weapon after Hines still. But Rivers simply has no chemistry with him. All game he was forcing throws to Pascal, who I like, but they had Pascal 100% locked down. The few catches he made were 50-50 balls. 3. We saw evidence that our TE's are capable. Why don't we use them, and use them often? A three headed monster that should be dominating. I think for us to have success down the stretch, in addition to using Hilton and Hines, our 3 capable TE's need to be all over the place on short to medium routes using their size and capable hands. We saw late (too late sadly) that they were playing. It was almost like they weren't through 3 quarters. Sure, TN had backed up coverage, but dang, those guys have skills and can be hit quickly. 4. Brissett has been used well in short yardage. I am glad they are building on this. Even his relative slowness, he looks like a lightning bolt compared to Rivers. I do think they need to show some short yardage passing so they keep defenses honest helping his future sneaks. 5. Pinter was serviceable compared to LT options. I hope our center comes back and finishes the season, but Pinter at least showed a little depth at G/C. What to do in the future now that winning the division is reasonably out of reach; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. The line woes will continue to be a problem. Depth is simply unacceptable. I think if AC is lost for the season that we need to rethink positions, such as whether Smith could move to LT and perhaps use Pinter at RT? I know he has "short arms" for Pro T play, but he has to be better than the other options. I think they should strongly alter our game plans to account for lesser line e play. Rivers didn't have time to let route develop, and with no mobility, they are going to have to improve our tepid screen play and conduct more short routes for multiple TE's in 2 TE sets. Rivers has to be able to get the ball out quick. I do think the play calling the past 4 weeks had improved, but something happened this game and we were just too limited until late in the game when they were hitting TEs and TY. More please. 2. Our D should get back in line with the return of the Covid players. I like the second half adjustments the D is making but why aren't we making these adjustments in the first half. 35 points is too much and the penalties are devastating. Is it time to play Carrie instead of Ya Sin? I think they should seriously consider demoting him for back ups. He's just too much of a liability. Perhaps if he came in off the bench we could get off the field more often in the first half. What did you all think?
  7. Never over til it is over. That said it is clear our O schemes will need to be retooled to compensate. I think 9-7 looks far more likely than 11-5.
  8. I am just trying to even things. TN is the biggest beneficiary of the unfair situation since they got early consideration that, for example, we did not get. As it stands we can not likely win our division any longer and yet if we had a full team I think at least it would have been a much much different game.
  9. That's an interesting point. I'd likely only let people drop games for playoff consideration, but I do see where an argument could be made that is you take advantage of improving your playoff positioning, it decreases your draft positioning. Good point Pony.
  10. So what if next week Houston can't play, then the next week LV can't lay? How could we make up both games in one week? And it could be not our fault. Pitt has been hosed over this already and things are just starting to get bad. Or what if Baltimore has so many guys out they can't field a team, but t hen next week it is Pitts turn to collapse? I think we just have to let massively infected teams forfeit but give the league a break by letting them drop a game or two.
  11. It could be worse, your city could ban all Contact sports.
  12. Not fear mongering. I don't think these NFL players are in ANY real danger when they don't even show symptoms. Overreactions are connected with one mindset. My entire family is in direct line of fire every workday since the start. No one cares about them, but we panic if healthy pro athletes with no symptoms test positive. I am not fearful of anything but hidden agendas masquerading as precaution and those precautions are destroying lives in greater numbers than the disease. 75K extra suicides in the USA alone due to these stressors. Guess what HELPS people deal with the stress? Sports. In fact I firmly believe the NFL simply playing has saved countless lives. Now SF has banned contact sports. I imagine more insanity will follow. I do hope you are right in that people will wake up and restore sanity. Let's hope the NFL doesn't buckle.
  13. We have rising issues, not the least of which is the 49ers not having a place to play or practice and Denver having no Quarterback to use. We have lost 3 starters, other teams are worse off. So here's my plan to address it: 1. Every team gets to "drop" any two games (for playoff purposes only) from their record. This means we don't need to add weeks and teams can opt out of 2 games if things get bad enough and still have fair chance to compete in the playoffs. So all teams records would only include the results of 14 games of their choice. (I know tie breakers etc. would be effected, but some sacrifice must be made). So if you are 9-7, you could drop two losses to 9-5. If you are 11-5 you drop two to 11-3. This is simply so they can finish the season with a full playoff seeding that is as fair as possible. Teams that play full seasons would get credit for all of them for all purposes except playoff seeding. Stats etc. would all count as normal. 2. Teams that elect not to play could drop that game (and up to one other) if they really can't play. The opposing team would, by default, get a win at 2 to 0. (Which I believe I saw is the score of a forfeited game). To keep one team from quitting in a case where both teams wanted to, they would have to submit a yes/no to the commissioner in secret in case BOTH teams planned to drop the game. Those games would be a 0-0 tie. This would also allow teams that have locked up a spot from even risking their players health on needless games, as well as teams eliminated. Not perfect, but better than what we might see happening. I think league approval would be necessary for a team to not play at all. 3. I believe we'll see the 49ers end up playing out the season in Dallas or Phoenix. Other teams have already considered options in case their states shut down (I think it is absurd what has happened in the SF area, but that is what people voted for, so be it. 4. All players should be allowed to opt out in the next week just as they could pre-season. They may want to be with their family. Let them. The rest of the players should go into a hotel until the season ends to shut down Covid for good among teams. If they do it immediately, then instead of dropping 2 games, they may be able to make it one. Again, this would ONLY be for playoff seeding purposes. That's my thought. No plan (including what they are doing currently) is perfect. What are your ideas?
  14. The point was that if your back up is good enough to make the playoffs if your new 2nd year QB flops, that's a guy you want. I can't see a team that would pay Brissett starter money. We would need a backup, so why wouldn't we just hang on to Brissett as backup to Eason if he's ready?
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