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  1. I suspect, knowing Ballard to date, he is a guy who knew all about all the candidates including Reich, but I think @Valpo2004 did a good job breaking it down.
  2. I was just going off the guys draft night and afterwards saying Okafor is a back up option only and they want to upgrade C during free agency. I want nothing to do with Lonzo, but I am not sure who else other than Rubio or an outside shot at Russell likely for a max deal if he would even come here. I just don't like thinking about Rubio being here either. He's not young so he's not getting better. For that matter I'd rather they just resigned Collison, at least he rarely turned the ball over and on any given night he could step up with 20 points and he led the league in 3% two years ago. Not idea but better the "devil we know" than Rubio. I wanted Collison as the backup point to run it Sabonis for a powerful bench duo. I think Collison would thrive in that spot, but we don't have a better option than him to start, so there's that. He's neither a pass first guy like Pritchard said he wanted nor a shooter either way. He's kind of in the middle. If only he had Cory's D we could just stick with him. And Cory is NO starting PG. He proved that last year.
  3. To answer your last question, I think they are hoping Myles steps up. He'll either prove himself or end himself.... himself. Because I doubt any of our FAs come back outside or Bogdanovich, and that is only if we can at least be close to his best offer. He said he would come back if we were at least close to his best offer. But someone else will offer him the max or close to it. If we sign him at max, we are essentially out of money. I can't see the Pacers doing that. Even if we get to 80% of max, I am not sure the Pacers do it. We won't even be what we were last year without all the leadership present. But.. if Myles could step up to a 20+ scorer and let's say 8 rebounds and 3.5 blocks, and be a leader, then it might work out for him and for the Pacers. It might be too big of an ask, but he WAS co-captain after all, unless it was nonsense, some of his fellow players must have wanted that. As for Sabonis, it is my understand he is a FA next season, but perhaps it is restricted, I didn't think it was, but that would be a good thing if he was tied to us in some way. But we are not going to offer a giant payday. Next year I am unsure of who becomes a FA, perhaps you know or someone else does? He might be a high profile FA. I still think they might trade him, especially if it looks like our team isn't going anywhere this season which seems more and more likely by the day. If we trade him for a higher profile player (I asked about trading him for Lonzo Ball, I am not sure I would WANT that, but I could see some version of that happening. I am not a Lonzo fan, but he has made it clear through his father that he doesn't want to be in New Orleans, currently the smallest market in the league (we are 26th, not much better). But Pritchard DID say he wanted a pass first PG. No one fits that description more than Lonzo Ball. I just can't see him resigning with us if we got him somehow. But New Orleans desperately needs a solid young big man and I could see some type of a trade happening, if not with us, with someone else and Lonzo Ball if he really doesn't want to be there. I am not sure what other team needs a big or what we might get from them. We desperately need a serious Point Guard and a better off ball guard option to start while Victor is out. Anyone have any names to banter about for these other than Rubio?
  4. I think it is likely Sabonis is going to be traded. Maybe it will be Turner. Either way I doubt both are on the team past this season no matter what happens. So in a year, hopefully Goga will be ready to be the full time backup C to whoever we keep at that position. I think they are still hoping Turner will finally start scoring which I think is just a matter of shooting more often. He can hit 3s, mid range is also solid. But unless he gets some willpower, he's not going to be a rebounder. There is no excuse outside of that to explain his problem.
  5. So you think they ARE championship level or you can't read?
  6. yeah, it is hard to understand how he's so terrible at rebounding outside of him just not wanting it. When Sabonis is out there he does all the things a traditional Center used to do except block shots. He's got technique, and willpower, just not the needed athleticism. Turner I believe has the athleticism and even skill taught to him, but just no willpower. He can shoot well, he just chooses not to. Rebounding is almost entirely willpower. Sad. I have been on the support side of Turner but he's running out of excuses that his fans can make on his behalf. He could be a difference maker rather than a placeholder.
  7. I hope they have a better master plan than Ricky Rubio. If our starters include TJ Warren, Ricky Rubio, Myles Turner, a back up scoring guard who doesn't even exist yet, and either Sabonis at the 4 or a replacement like Harris, we will be fighting just to make the playoffs and will likely get swept out even if we do make it. That is not a winning team. That is a team that will have to over play yet again just to sniff .500, especially with Vic out at least the first part of the season in the best case scenario. I was disappointed like some others because they had Carsen Edwards, a low risk/high reward rookie, sitting there which could have been the answer at backup guard alongside Holiday for a super dynamic pair of guards that could also battle for more playing time along with Sumner with hopes one of them (more likely a combination of 2 or all 3 of them) starting the games that Vic will miss. One of those 3 guys would likely pop enough to play alongside Oladipo in the long term and the others being solid back up rotational guys. Perhaps they already think Holiday or Sumner can step up to fill Oladipo's shoes until he comes back in Dec/Jan. We don't even know if Oladipo will return anywhere near his former self. Now we're stuck with Warren and McDermott, two guys who can shoot when it means nothing, but have proven absolutely nothing when it matters. (Well, in my opinion, McDermott proved he can't hack it, can't play defense at all and all reports are that Warren doesn't play defense, shows no will to win and hasn't won anything on the worst team in the league where it is easy to put up 18 when your team is losing by 25. It's like garbage time stats in football all season for anyone on Phoenix's team. Fools gold. It seemed clear we're losing all 4 guys. At best we might be able to bring one back, but it won't be Bogdanovich, I figure he'll go to LA if they don't land a bigger name. He's likely a max player now and we can't sign one because of this Warren deal. I thought Pritchard looked good pre-season last year but all three of his free agents stunk up the place. Unless we can dump him, McDermott is stuck here this year. If they could clear his money somehow perhaps we could offer a max deal but it seems clear we're not getting a big name here. If we do sign Rubio, we're nearly out of money and we have what left? Money for an aging Thad? I like Sabonis as the 6th man. I think he excels there. He is the #1 reason we over competed all season because he elevated the bench above and beyond their individual abilities (likewise he significantly underwhelmed as a starter). If we could keep him happy in that role, then we have something. But how do we win games with Thad who plays like a WARRIOR with the talent he has, but his talent plus his age isn't enough. Perhaps we could squeeze a year out, but he doesn't SCORE enough. Turner sadly has all the skill but gets little out of it. He should be a 25/12 with 4 blocks a night guy. He gets the blocks sure, but his scoring is embarrassing with all that talent. He can hit threes, but he's afraid to take them enough to impact the scoreboard. This isn't the 80's we don't need a more agile Hibbert. He led the league in blocks but didn't seem to sniff All NBA Defense? I think I heard how rare it is for the league leading shot blocker to not get on the first or second team all Defense. Even with the overall tenacious defense the Pacers played as a team, he got no credit for it. Based on what this reality looks like: PG: ---------*, Sumner SG: Oladipo, Holiday SF: Warren, McDermott PF: Sabonis**, Leaf, Alize C: Turner, New Guy (sorry, still learning his name) *Ricky Rubio? DeAngelo Russell? **I just think he either needs to be traded or he has to be our 6th man/backup C to run the 2nd team and play as needed minutes with Turner if they can figure something out. (You know who desperately needs a C? New Orleans. Would you guys take Lonzo Ball for Sabonis?) If we sign Rubio, we have money for what exactly? A midlevel guy floating around? On the positive side, I actually thought Leaf really hustled. He's slow, but in some respects he had the tenacity that Turner is devoid of. And Alize was a monster in G league and he might be a surprise this season if he gets a fair shot at all. Holiday is a hustler and Sumner is likely a capable back up Guard as well. But are either starters? Not yet and not likely, at least not for a championship level team. Our new guy looks like a legitimate back up C in today's league. He needs to develop a shot, but I think he'll get those minutes that Pritchard and his staff seem to have already committed to. That's the most positive spin I can put on it. In this depressing new lineup we're getting smoked out of the playoffs and that is if we even compete for them. I could see us having an historically bad season if they can't get these guys playing out of their minds like they have the past 2 years. We had dedicated veteran guys and these kids are super raw as a group. Adding another guard already pushing 30 along with Oladipo also aging and injured and I just don't see us as any threat of any kind to anyone past the regular season. If you ADDED a full blown Star superior to Rubio, maybe it's better. Beal would be excellent but he won't be affordable or made available for what we could trade I don't think. Russell is my best hope in this spot. His name has bounced around the Pacers in rumors, but it could be absolutely nothing. But if Kyrie is going to Brooklyn, he might end up in Los Angeles. It might be the case that Rubio is simply the only guys available. And that is for a reason, and it is not a good one. Ending on a hopeful note, Pritchard did strongly suggest he amassed some picks to help with a trade. Russell is a FA as is Rubio, so who could he be trading for? Beal? There's always hope this time of the year.
  8. Thanks for looking that up Dew. Odd that they wouldn't just set the number. Perhaps it is a learning tool for both sides. 3rd round is where battles take place to set the market in a way, rather than holding up 1st and 2nd rounders. It seems illogical, but perhaps only on the surface. This might just be revealing on where certain battles in the next player/league negotiations will settle for each side.
  9. Really? That's even stranger than I thought then. I think that would qualify as being odd in general. Any idea why they would leave a loophole where in other cases there is none?
  10. Seems odd in general that it took so long. Outside of the guy in SD, we rarely hear why someone holds out this long on a mundane contract with so little to quibble over.
  11. Yeah, I think if he could have managed even 5 injury free seasons playing like he did he would have been a HOFer. He was a paper Monster.
  12. CR, it's all fun and games now.. do you not see someday where they claim humans are too frail to play so all we have is robots doing this stuff? Battlebots Football. Madden is essentially the same game if you think about it. Humans have been replaced in more complicated tasks than football. This is the harbinger of one big bummer that I can see coming true. Sure, it is all "oohs" and "ahhs" now.. that is how it always starts!
  13. I was a little disappointed. We didn't get more from it than "he's just a regular guy outside of world class talent on the football field" sort of commentary and I think that was already established in the trailer. I had hoped to learn more about his life and history directly from him, but that isn't what this was and the more important point was certainly made. I do like all of these a great deal, it humanizes the players and the "larger than life" people that make up the league on all sides. So that is a welcome peak and an important reminder and perspective. I think this should be done for most "famous" people. It would connect them back to reality for both sides. It would also set a good example for the "rage or rave" culture our country has devolved into. Whether you have many millions of dollars and financial freedom that comes with "fame" or not, after you find yourself in the mansion after driving the sports car home and you go inside and close the door, you are still you and all your flaws and demons, gifts and virtues remain. If only THAT lesson would be reintroduced to society we'd all be so much better that we are now. It is a needed "Red Pill" of reality. Appreciate their talent, but don't lionize/demonize them and realize that by doing so you dehumanize them to a degree and at the same time you dehumanize yourself. You are neither better or worse for what someone else does unless you're in that person's direct orbit and have a say. People with fame and money do not have easier lives, and in most cases they do not have better lives than anyone else nor do they deserve positive or negative expectations placed on them by others. In that respect, we're all in this together. Just Plain Folks. I think he has his priorities in a good place. Enjoy your life as if you weren't a famous football player. He doesn't need the false narrative of "fame" and the "lifestyle" because that is and always has been a complete lie. It doesn't matter if it is Football or Music or Acting or Politics etc.. Money is a tool like any other and nothing more and Fame is a false God not worthy of worship. It won't fix your plumbing when there is a massive leak in the middle of the night and it won't keep your brother from being murdered. It might be a useful tool in the first and useless in the second, but it doesn't insulate you from either. You're still you no matter what the scoreboard says. No better or worse than anyone else. It is what is left when the "rage or rave" passes. You.
  14. Thanks @CR91!
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