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  1. It occurred to me that maybe the reason he got so many sacks is people were so worried about Houston? (I know they had a 3 headed snake there, but alas, it's a theory).
  2. Yeah, I think this further explains today's deal. They were on the hunt for a pass rusher, there just weren't anyone younger ones at a price he was willing to pay. Houston is the typical seat filler with great potential upside (the force fumbles for me are BETTER than the missing sacks) and moderate risk (depending on guarantees which I haven't seen yet) of injury. We'd all rather have had a 26 year old JH, but perhaps 30 will be young enough to get us where we want to go. Really if he's healthy come playoff time, the deal was worth it for that alone.
  3. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    Well, with the guys signed we have already, I can't imagine we'd use a #1 on him. Would love to have another speed guy. Let's face it, Grigson made 3 excellent picks (I think only 4-6 of his picks are still with us if Geathers resigns right?) Luck was a no brainer. His best pick by far was TY Hilton. Brown is definitely fast. Does he have everything else TY brings to the table? I have a feeling the Colts won't get to find out on our team.
  4. JPFolks

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    I understand your thinking... after everyone said we weren't looking for any stop gap players, this is certainly a stop gap player. We all have no idea if we lost bidding wars on the few guys who were younger out there, and it might just be that he's realizing it is too big of a hole to leave bare and hope for something in the draft. NOW we can STILL look for a pass rusher, and the pressure is less to reach too far to get one. And if one doesn't appear, then we're not as bad off as we were. Many of us would have reached out to a guy like Preston Smith, (who cost too much in the end) but he was never going to overpay. In this case he apparently went with the lesser of two evils, stop gap versus overpay, he chose stop gap. We may not need Houston full time (i.e. 60% or more) leaving lots of room for rotation and development of whoever we have in the cupboard when the season starts. In that respect, it's great. I think most of us would have wanted this deal, but like you and I am a little surprised he went there. I am sure his direct experience with Justin didn't hurt at all. There must have been a bidding war of sorts on him as I doubt we would have paid this much if we were bidding alone.
  5. JPFolks

    Future Salary Cap Use

    I DID make an honest criticism then some people come out to dispute it and it's ridiculous. One person I expect it from, he's named himself accurately. your response. So you now agree with my points? Or you don't? I've made the same ones in 3 different ways to try and please some here. I respect your posts, so it's that much more puzzling. Why did you feel the need to respond with a challenge if you agree with my points in the first post as you seem to be doing again here?
  6. JPFolks

    Seriously, no Justin Houston post here?

    That's what I expected. I refreshed twice, and it still wasn't there. So I posted and mine showed up but STILL no giant Houston post. I finally went in and responded to a bunch of notifications and it showed up after I did a half dozen of them. Weird. Sorry to mods, please nuke if you haven't before I finish this post. I knew it had to be some kind of glitch. Thanks guys.
  7. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    Scott, you're thinking Route Runner over Separation guy? TY seems to be the only breakaway guy we have, the rest being big bodies which we know they like. I think it is time for TY to be teaching a young TY type the ropes. You? I know he can ALSO route run, so you may think it covers both?
  8. Maybe I'm missing it? So what does everyone think of the 2 year, 24 million dollar deal for Justin Houston?
  9. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    A follow up, if one of the top TE's are there when it is our pick, any chance you think we pounce on them? Do you see a need for a young TE that already know's how to play to go along with Doyle and Ebron?
  10. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    Mike, I strongly agree with your points. I also wouldn't be surprised for them to find a later round WR they think meets a specific need in the lineup. I was more questioning whether we'd still take one of our top 3 picks to do so? I don't think we have enough guys that can get separation. I see some possession and tall guys who can jump catch stuff, but only one burner and no burner depth (at least from what I have observed from this group). Inman gives us a reliable target on third down that I wouldn't hold my breath in hopes he doesn't drop it. Like I said in an earlier post, I think Funchess is the guy I want for 3rd and super long, like 3rd and 15+ because his skill set fits that need (plus obviously in the red zone). But 3rd and 4? Not so much. I think Doyle, Inman and Hilton are our guys there (Rogers as well), but we don't know about Doyle's health and Rogers and Inman aren't really breakaway speed guys. Pascal and Cain could be the answers to our needs short and long term OR neither could be on the team in a couple years. We just don't know. So I was all for spending a top pick (even in a defensive dominated draft) on the RIGHT WR should he be available. OR, another way to go would be a top TE to give us depth and a dominant TE game second to none. (Actually I find that idea more exciting, but not sure I will get my wish). Thanks for the info/feedback. Great post.
  11. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    Thanks, I was aware that Cain and Pascal would be easy to walk away from, I wasn't sure about the contract(s) offered to Rogers and possibly to Inman. It still seems unlikely they sign those guys with any intent of moving on from them. Maybe I will be wrong though. I'd rather see us invest spots in Cain (if he's healthy) and Pascal (who I think still has a lot of upside) than Rogers because though he could become a solid possession receiver overall, I don't see a lot of upside beyond status quo with less drops hopefully in the future. Not a hater, not a fan, somewhere in between on his I guess. Thanks again for the info!
  12. JPFolks

    Future Salary Cap Use

    You made my point but said NO he didn't fail in addressing our most glaring need. Forget that HE, HIMSELF has said this in interviews. So don't listen to him or me, believe your own DIFFERENT opinion than Ballard holds about himself. What does he know? Look, it seems you think he can do no wrong or that he is above criticism (which he himself, once again, disagrees with strongly) but I don't. How terrible of me to suggest he'll either be the BEST GM IN FOOTBALL or will regress to the mean based on this draft. I believe he also said in an older interview that even he doesn't know how good or bad things will turn out, they just have their process and go from there. The scouting teams he was involved in at KC had some home runs and strike outs as well. As I recall WR was always a blind spot there. Blame whoever but scouting failed somewhere. Wasn't Bowe their #1 for a long time. Ack. My post initially was to say he had a chance to CEMENT his place at the best GM in the league, OR he may be proven to be a mere human and regress to the median like most humans do. Perhaps he can keep hitting grand slams, but most people in history haven't. How controversial it is to people making your arguments. The batting average finally ran out for Polian as well. "He's PERFECT I SAY!!!" the many throngs scream as they carry their torches and pitchforks to root out the interloper who suggests "there's a chance he may prove this year he's the very best, but most people on that kind of streak regress to the mean." "Oh, the humanity!" the throngs screech. Whatever.
  13. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    Okay, let me be more specific. Do you think we use one of our top 3 picks on a WR if we resign Inman? I say no (though I have been advocating FOR doing just that, perhaps even with our first pick, as well as considering picking a high profile TE if one falls to us) but as much as I like Inman (and I do) there just isn't room. It would likely mean of a 5 person roster, we have to lose Cain or Pascal at least. (Plus Fountain which I fully expect short of camp injuries). I though Pascal was on an upward arc last season and Cain is a complete ? So, do we use a top pick, say one of our first 3, which will force us to cut at least one of the above 5 WRs.
  14. JPFolks

    Colts in talks with Inman

    I think if Inman resigns it means drafting a high profile receiver is VERY unlikely. Agree or disagree? That means we are rolling with: Hilton, Inman, Funchess, Cain, Pascal and Rogers. Not sure what all the contracts are, but it seems unlikely these guys don't have guaranteed money or that they would (re)sign all of them only to guarantee there isn't room for one of them. They could nuke Pascal or Cain, but I hope they keep developing and stay with us.
  15. JPFolks

    Future Salary Cap Use

    You are making my point for me. If it was simply an outlier draft, then he'll fall back. Let's face it, his first draft had more than 2 bad and 2 weak picks, he ALSO failed 100% to address our most glaring weakness and poor Jacoby bared the abuse of the NFL highest sacks. He has claimed he's made lots of mistakes (I think he said "countless") so.... if he made countless mistakes and had a mediocre draft year one, and had a historical (though we need to see long term how many of those guys get second contracts, we act like they ALL will.. I am not sure Fountain is on the team THIS year, nor a couple of the other guys. Cain hasn't shown anything yet, so it's a crapshoot AND he's coming off injury. A little bright light in Pre Season is baseless as we've had countless numbers of training camp heroes do nothing going forward. Some just have short memories. So... how much more non-controversial can my comments be? He had one (at best) median year.. followed by a top class ever, followed by? Either another top class, meaning he's the best, OR he regresses to the mean, meaning a year closer to year 1. How is that controversial/negative in any way? What, not automatically saying he is perfect in all things, has never made, no ever will, make a mistake is now somehow an attack? Or what? We won't know if it is truly historic for at least 3 more years. If we win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years like they did with Jimmy Johnson's class that led to that, then we will obviously be talking at least one in two of the best drafts ever. (I'd LOVE to take that bragging point away from the Cowboys). I believe that draft came from the haul from the big RB trade they made with Minnesota I think, but we got amazing value for moving 3 spots, and over two years certainly have ample pics to see where we stand in history as a franchise and its fans.