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We should play this game before Colts game this season...


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This is a half-life 2 mod made to look exactly like the GoldenEye 64 we played as children.


There is a twist to it as it brings in a more current first person shooter feel with online multiplayer and game modes.

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All that matters is whether or not the game has the golden gun! One shot fatalities were the best when you beat your man to the mark!!!

Yup! One of the game modes is called MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Only way to get points is to find the golden gun and kill more than anyone else.

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Nevermind. I should have looked at the post with the big "how to download" tag haha. Yea, it's Friday and I'm frazzled.

I just played some a bit. There is not a big crowd to play with but in all honesty I think 4-8 players is perfect for this game.

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