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  1. I dont post very much but i come here almost every day to read threads and i would have to say unique is an understatement it comes across as down right rolling at times i just scoll past his comments now because i cant take them seriously
  2. I just think its dumb that if we were going to draft a in the box style safety why not take collins in the first imo that was by far the worst drafts we have had in awhile in stead of collins and diggs we drafted geathers an dorsett
  3. I was wondering if you have a link for this
  4. I defiantly Think hes is a better outside option than rogers once we get grant back to work the slot offense should look even better
  5. Hes been a beast better version geathers imo
  6. any want to play game madden?
  7. coltstrong fantasy draft today cant wait

  8. im going to my first colts game since midle school i cant wait. lets get em boys!

  9. i wish they would put the refcent blog posts back on the main page i like to see who we sign and recent events coming up

  10. thought I would change my SN for the new season thought of it today

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