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  1. Brett Favre threw it hard just sayin......
  2. Hey guess thats you opinion Kid but hey keep getting mad over makes this conversation more fun what other QBs do you like more than jacoby so ican kill that argument to get agrip homie
  3. No im sure i said qbr people dont need context if they watch football which you obviously dont
  4. Bro go look at the stats jacoby is killing him. He has far better QBR hes way more efficient i mean imo (didnt watch yesterday) but baker is looking overrated
  5. I actually agree with this alot honesly maybe every qb drafted in the first round that year
  6. This chiefs game could tell us alot about him thats for sure but istill think he should get the whole season to prove to us one of us will defiantly be right by the end
  7. Hopefully ebron remembers how to catch I liked his TD he could be a gamebreaker for us hes just a man coverage destroyer
  8. Chole said one dumb thing all morning in my opinion youve said many and whats the point in jumping into argument with someone who said one idioic thing when i agree with 95 percent of posts im on here alot and i mostly agree with her and sometimes i cant tell if your being serious or trying to make ppl mad
  9. Comments like this scream troll does nothing for the topic and just straight hate
  10. I just think it will take till the end of season he got thrown into a really crappy situation we have to let him have some growing pains like luck did last year imo i truly think he can find his groove
  11. Saying hes mediocre at best and thinking a unproven rookie could do better. and one week before the season starts and luck retires that why i see it as unfair luck lost 4 in a row and won freaking comeback player of the year give jacoby the same time learn
  12. Than that just makes you sound like every other sky is falling guy. some times you have to look big picture. Instead of tearing down your guys down build them up im all for critiqueing a guy if he played bad but the unrelenting criticism you're putting on jacoby this morning is unfair and honesly makes you look like a troll
  13. You act like thats more ridiclous than crap you've been spewing all morning
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