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  1. i mean when a coaching staff comes out says a certain player is going to be our player for the future and never sees the field there is going some crys to see what hes got
  2. well said i like they way that werner has steped up in the last couple of game i see at least 8 sack season this season as for the rest of the defense i think they playing really well we have great coverage on the backend and i really think mike adams has stepped up and played really well and having freeman back is a big boost you can just tell the defense is more fluid with him being the QB of the defense
  3. im trying to get an all rookie team going the browns wouldnt take 2 first round picks and andrew luck for jonny foosball i couldnt believe it
  4. i mean he only led the entire team in tackles in the pre-season, on that note i still him as our future weakside linebacker next to freeman i mean i would give him valuable reps right now doubt jackson will be here for long
  5. thats exactly what i was thinking also the only (one) other thing i can think of is Harrison pulled a Russell Wilson in practice and just blew everyone out of the water but it still doesn't explain why Holmes didnt dress
  6. hes 100 times better than DHB so no matter what he is an upgrade to what we had last year hes done great when given the opportunity and he has 2 more touchdowns than what he had last year
  7. BLUEx40


    the line is ranked number 1 in pass blocking the last three weeks its not broken and Shipley is playing great at center
  8. I mean there is a lot of reason to take amphetamines one main reasons that I know about is for ADD or ADHD I think hes more in the position Mathis is in wasn't taking them to do any harm just didn't contact the NFLPA to see if he was allowed to take them. I guess not.
  9. coltstrong fantasy draft today cant wait

  10. maybe it did and maybe it didn't I mean when you have to go up to a DB and get in his face like that for a hit that was all shoulder and if it would been a guy that lets say is 6 foot tall it would have been in his chest either Manning is still mad how about that super bowl loss or the broncos are just so soft that every time Peyton sees one of his receivers get hit he has to say something I mean watch the super bowl you could tell his receivers were sacred of Seattle's DBs
  11. getting into to swearinger's face like that is very un-Peyton like I mean it was a tough loss probably a win that Peyton would have retired after I think he is having a hard time getting over it
  12. he looked excellent tonight he's definitely going to make the 53 one of the better d-line rookies I've seen this year
  13. im going to my first colts game since midle school i cant wait. lets get em boys!

  14. that was awesome thanks for sharing I love frank I swear he does a Stephen A. Smith impression that if you weren't watching the video you would think it was Stephen A
  15. don't know if you guys heard or watched paganos presser but he said holmes will miss 2-3 weeks with an ankle sprain heres the article http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000376241/article/colts-khaled-holmes-out-23-weeks-with-ankle-injury
  16. we still have lance Louis so if homes is really hurt mewhort kicks in and Louis plays then wait for cuts later in preseason and we might be able to find a quality backup
  17. henoc is definitely going to play a role this season he was my favorite pick up this offseason
  18. he didn't have enough carries for his average to mean anything
  19. cant wait for it to come out
  20. seems logical since we have so much depth at safety
  21. that's what I thought to but we will know for sure monday
  22. what I have found is madden 15 released rookie ratings for players drafted round 1 of the 2014 NFL draft heres the link http://playerratingspro.com/mut-25-player-ratings-for-madden-15-rookies
  23. that's so funny last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur
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