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Colts need a return specialist to give them better field position. Would like to see them consider signing Noel Devine (undrafted from WVU) or Brad Smith (let go by Jets) to fill the void. Devine is a burner, and Smith is a multi-threat guy who can return, run, catch and throw.

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As with our running game, our blocking is the problem. So many times, I would see the other team's gunners get to our returner before our blockers would. I don't know what the reason is or what needs to be done, but something needs to change because our special teams are terrible.

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devine signed with the eagles..actually i was most impressed with dion lewis from pitt @ the combine (who also signed with the eagles as well)..dude has barry sanders type moves..just can stop on a dime and instantly be @ full speed immediately..he was really impressive during the cone drill..1 of the best ive ever seen..but dont forget about 1 of the best special teamers ever is still out there..SPROILS

ive been hoping the colts would have this shocker in thier back pocket n thats why hes still unsigned..keepin the fingers crossed..

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Special Teams "low priority in colts country", and has been my biggest concern with the team for years.

Great we got a return guy, but can we block for him? If the past is any indication the answer is sadly NO! Last year at the start of the season we put kick/punt returner after kick/punt returner in.

It did not change from return man to return man. Catch the ball, gets mauled inside the 25 by 4 guys.

On Defensive ST it is no better, way to often they get the ball to the 40 to 50 yard line on us. On both sides of the ball we are starting off with one foot in the grave so to speak. Last year after having a injury plagued season, miraculously made the play-offs, only to lose in the last minute of the game because of a kick return to almost the 50 yard line. Giving the D very little chance to stop them! I'm not going to go over the many many many times our ST have cost us.

But for ST to be so bad for so long, 10 years or more to me is crazy, and IMO the sole reason colts do not have 3 or 4 super bowls.

I really like what i saw from Taj Smith last year, he seems to have a nose for the ball. He made some mistakes but at least he has some fire, and gets to the ball carrier. Not sure if he will be a colt but he is the only one i have seen make any plays on ST in years.

I have great respect for colts, and what they have done. Polian is a master of un-drafted free agents. I think they should use all extra cap room and roster spots to pick up some difference makers on ST. I'm sure there will be some players that will not have jobs that would be cheap and very good ST players if given a chance. Of coarse there are roster spots and money to consider.

ST or lack of ST will continue to cost us big till it is given attention that is needed.


Defense having 80 yards instead of 50 to stop other teams

Maybe a kick/punt return for a TD ever now and then.

Manning & Co. starting from the 30 to 50 yard line instead of inside the 20.


Beef the "Bleep" out of the ST on both sides of the ball and win another super bowl.

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I really like what i saw from Taj Smith last year, he seems to have a nose for the ball. He made some mistakes but at least he has some fire, and gets to the ball carrier. Not sure if he will be a colt but he is the only one i have seen make any plays on ST in years.

I agree completely..he was an absolute play-maker..i hope he stays w u for a long long time because guys like that are hard to find..although u said it had been 10 yrs since we had a good return man..wilkens was pretty good for us..we shoulda never let that guy go..uhhh either time

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    • I hope this works out for him and his wife. 
    • You don’t have to convince me Roseman is good at his job.   I literally said so in the post you felt necessary to respond to.    He’s very good at his job.   But he makes mistakes too as all GMs do.   That’s something that many here don’t understand.   
    • Hopkins is a million times better team player than AB. OBJ just got drafted by a bad team with a fading QB, and has been great apart from the recent injury and time-off. My point is, Hopkins has not shown any signs of being slowed down yet.
    • Agholor was hand picked by Chip Kelly, Roseman was not having control over that draft, IIRC.   Yeah, everyone will have misses. What separates Roseman from all other GMs and puts him in rarefied air is he doesn't restrict himself from getting high priced free agents to build a strong contending team even with unstable QB position, while being willing to Max out all the cap space he could. Hurts was not a proven quality QB last off-season, but their GM still had every other position fortified with quality starters and depth. He replenishes  RB room for cheap and with quality depth, and spends money on impact positions while drafting trenches 8 out of 10 times in the first round and mostly drafting there well. He fleeces other GMs very well on offloading contracts and getting great free agents at right time from right team. So many moves just don't work out by luck year after year. He's a very good grip on where to spend money and how to keep the roster a championship contender even with unanswered questions at QB position for last decade.    He does so much so well that his misses are negligible in the larger picture. He missed on Jefferson, but he got AJ and Smith, and now they're not going to lose sleep over that miss.
    • Eh maybe, look at AB and OBJ… 
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