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How The 2011-2012 Colts Are Eerily Similar To The 2010-2011 Cardinals


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The Colts are struggling now, and it's mostly because our star QUARTERBACK (dont forget that) is not playing. In Arizona, they lost their star quarterback due to retirement in 2010-2011 season. They have all the right players around to succeed, but they need(ed) that QB. Let's go through a quick breakdown shall we:


They're missing their star QB, Kurt Warner due to retirement and Manning due to injury.


They have running backs who are doing pretty well, but either team cannot rely on them. Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower for the Cards, Addai and Carter for the Colts.


Both teams have one star receiver, Colts have Wayne, Cards have Fitzgerald. They have Breaston who is like Garcon, a deep threat, who also has some good speed. Both teams stuggled with injuries at the WR spot, Cards lost Breaston and Doucet for a little bit, and the Colts lost Garcon for a little bit, and Collie for quite a bit.


Quite different. Jacob Tamme is better than Don Pope. No injuries for the Cards, Clark was out for the year for the Colts.


Both have young lines. The average age of the Cards O-line is about 27 years old, and the Colts is about 26 years old. Both had their struggles, but seem okay.


Both lines have their stars. Colts have Freeney and Mathis, and the Cards have Dockett, and Campbell is pretty good too. The Cards and the Colts line generate good pressure.


Both very different. Cards have the better LBs, they have Porter and the Colts really only have Angerer and Brackett. Theirs is older and craftier, and the Colts are younger.


Both have young guns at CB. Jerraud Powers is like Peterson, even though Peterson has more potential. Justin Tryon has potential too, and Greg Toler of the Cards has good potential too. Both teams have great S's, the Colts have Bethea and Bullit, they have Rhodes and Wilson.

As you can see it's very similar, but unfortunately the 2010-2011 Cards ending up doing badly, and got the 5th overall pick in the draft. Thoughts on my breakdown, and do you agree with it?

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I think the Colts have been able to rely on the running game this year, it's not enough to single handedly win the game but it's effective. I think the passing game and the OL are much bigger issues. Collins is pretty much as statue, what I did like about Painter was he was able to move around much quicker.

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