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Charles got banged up and knocked out of the last game..not sure of his health..(I had him last week...ughh) I can't find anything updated except that they reported him being tested on the sidelines for concussion syndrome...

I would check on his status when its updated before making any choices...

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I have 4, and need to start 2.

Vick Ballard @ Jax

Jamaal Charles @ Pitt

Mikel LeShoure @ Minn

Fred Jackson @ NE

Obviously, Jackson is least likely. But beyond that, I am total lost as to who to go with...

Thats easy.. Ballard and Charles..

I got

Martin.. no brainer




and LeScore...

I am leaning Martin and Ballard, just cause dude is on my team but my brain says Spiller...

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LeShoure is your only lock. Min has been gashed by the run lately.

I take Charles if he plays, If not, then Ballard.

LeScore if far from a lock. The Chiefs will likely play from behind all game. So Charles should be on the field all game.

LeScore just scares me, and Bell got equal touches last week.

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    • I was not a fan of the NFL during old times, but I've heard a lot about Fran..   I'd be okay with Cousins if the guy can think properly on football field, otherwise he's consistently elite in passing stats and never gets injured and misses a game. Only problem is he doesn't have the greatness between the ears to win it all for a franchise who has never won a Super Bowl.   If older Vikings fans ever want to see a trophy, the only way is to draft a franchise QB and hope it works in next decade or so. It's better than being good for 8-11 wins and an occasional play-off game with Kirk.   If he goes to say, Seahawks, and finish his career with all time records, the franchise at least has got SB win recently so they could be happy with some great exciting games with Cousins.   Vikings owner needs to focus on only thing - a Super Bowl trophy. For generations of fans who have never won it all. 
    • Understand... but why do you say that Jones will ever have to face his HC again?   Would you just like him to be placed in reserve list and the franchise releasing him by the end of the year or contract?   I think releasing him would do similar favor as he could get the help he needs and get back to NFL proving he's healed mentally. As he's a great player, some team would get him next year if he's back to his old self.   He can still salvage his career but more importantly he needs his family to take care of him and get the assistance he needs. I think releasing him would make him focus on getting back to NFL if he wants, or at least let him free to heal and move on towards next chapter in life.   Team could've placed him on a reserve list, I don't think there's any problem doing that technically, but either way he's been done a favor to get back to focus on his health.    He could still receive pension, retirement & veteran benefits from the league, right? 
    • Irsay also let one of his all time favorites Edge, who also happens to be a running back, walk in free agency.
    • I have always liked the vikes. They are a old time original team with past legends and success. But in modern times it seems the Football Gods frown on them from having too much success... just a season here and there usually followed by mediocre or worse play. They are similar to the Colts minus Manning/Polian era, not like franchises historically brownies, lions,cards,jets etc... But not like the top franchises that when good go to super bowls.  That's why I hope colt fans enjoy this season if they have some success and not look  into the next few years of building and expecting a Super Bowl team. NFL team building isn't necessarily linear and teams like the colts & vikes can be like yo yo's....up one year, down the next.  I know fans have been wanting to move on from Cousins, but getting someone better/consistently elite  may be easier said then done but there seems to be multiple good QB prospects.    Do you remember Tarkenton?  I Remember him vaguely seen vids of him. He was quite a scrambler. And the Purple People eaters.    Anyway, I expect Cousins to be with the Jets soon.. I wish him success but that's difficult with that team.. LoL
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