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Trying to get rid of McFadden

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It all depends on if he thinks McFadden will bounce back or not. If he is like you, then he probably won't take the trade. Try talking him up a lot, like "once the WR's are finally healthy teams won't stack the box as much" yadadada. Also hype up Hernandez as a potential top 5 TE.

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Here is the deal. I have Darren McFadden myself but I see the matchups he has down the road.

Chiefs twice, Browns once, Panthers and Saints yet to come, Falcons can be run on than being passed on. That is 6 out of the remaining 9 or 10 games (depends on when your playoffs start) where McFadden will have good matchups. He did well vs the Steelers and caught a lot of passes vs the Chargers, the 2 games he gave double digit points.

He has at least given double digits in 2 out of his 4 games. It may not justify his high draft pick right now but if you look league wide, week 4 was the best week of offense league wide. This year, unlike the lockout, like I predicted, would be a year where Ds will start out better than Os. Packers, Saints, Patriots all took a few games to get their offenses going.

I would wait at least 2 games after the bye week before trading him. Just my two cents. You are losing too much in this trade long term, IMO.

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