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  1. the year he went bonkers signing heramans, Johnson, gore, dqwell, cole. . . . and look whos left.
  2. Winning Free Agency doesn't = superbowl. You know that right?
  3. It funny how yesterday we made moves and everybody was so happy, now that "nothing" is being said people are chomping at the bit questioning whats going on. Its like this every season though. I'd rather be prudent then be like the browns or jags and win free agency every year. I feel like we are going back to the ways of Polian (in a sense) less big splashes and more building from the draft. Polian did good things that way.
  4. I remember them too. Everybody would come to them with cap related questions. They would break it down in normal terms too. i'll think of their names randomly sometime while i'm at work this week and post em
  5. I think I read on rotoworld that we could actually save 2 mil and change if we cut allen. It was in the same "post" about doyle.
  6. Personally, I would love to have Cook but I think our LBer is a bigger concern like you said. I watched him play all last year and this year. I like the dude. He has had a couple bad games though but he can't be a barn burner every year.
  7. Considering we are starting three rookies on the rightt side of the line yesterday, I honestly don't think they did "too bad" but whats more upsetting to me is the left side. Castanzo has simply regressed badly, Mewhort. . . I don't know if the bad LT play is making him look bad? Castanzo has gotten worse every year since he's gotten his contract. Our whole Oline is a disaster, Luck wont make it through the season if this doesn't change. The offensive line is a dumpster fire
  8. Has there ever been a qb as OVER-valued as Bradford?
  9. You my friend are playing with fire!
  10. I have two leagues. This is the second year I have commished this league and its a 20 buyin winner take all. That team is: 8 team qb: Newton, Luck rb: stewart,hill, gordon,yeldon wr: Hopkins, Cooper, Benjamin, Edelman, Sanders, Treadwell, te: kelce k: gostkowski def: cin my second league is a dynasty league that is its first year. This league is my project league: 12 team qb: Newton, Rothlisberger, Gabbert rb: Mccoy,Matthews,Duke Johnson, Yeldon,West wr:dez,amari, davante, vincent jackson, Treadwell, dorial-green beckham, ginn, garcon, robert woods te: Kelce, Allen K: gostkowski, mcmanus def: LA We have 22 spots and at the end, I was just over it at the end of the draft. It took two hours and my power went out during the draft. Thats how I ended up with two K's
  11. Since the draft is winding down, here comes everybody on twitter for the next 24 hours. If anybody gets any info post it here regarding the colts
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