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  1. Since the draft is winding down, here comes everybody on twitter for the next 24 hours. If anybody gets any info post it here regarding the colts
  2. again why when there will be more talent next year? stating names isn't a point being made. If you can give me sound reasoning why then we can debate it, otherwise your just upset that they aren't picking the way you want? We have Gore, Turbin, Varga, Todman, Williams why waste a draft pick on them when you can still garner talent along the lines or on D? Plus we have UDFA and cuts. Why waste it?
  3. and what has gore done to show you he's close to dropping off? With a re-tooled line it will help tremendously. Also we still have udfa, post june cuts, again drafting a rb this year is not smart
  4. I have seen several posts on here as well as twitter and other various sources saying we need to draft a rb? Where is this coming from? I really don't get it? Outside of Elliot the rb class is medicore at best. Next year is the year we draft our replacement for Gore. Next years draft will be rich in the way of rb talent. This year; as shown by the draft thus far has been about protecting Luck and adding to the D. IMO those were are biggest areas of weakness. Drafting a rb this draft would be the epitome of wasting a pick. Stockpile both sides of the line thats what this dra
  5. Leach may have been the wrong term lol. Yah If i remember correctly Condon was Mannings agent
  6. fixed it for ya. He's the biggest leach out there IMO. . . sucks TY has him for an agent. Completely off-topic but i'm a "senior member" i feel important! Thanks guys!
  7. I'm sorry but your comment of the NFL putting the owners in a bad situation is just a feeble attempt to deflect. The entire fault of this lies at the feet of the Patriots. It is there fault for the negative reputation they have created for themselves. From spygate, to the insane formations, to now this. When you play with fire, you are bound to get burned. Play within the rules and these things are perceived differently. Nobody to blame but themselves.
  8. You deserve a standing Ovation from this forum, it takes alot of character, integrity, and class to post what you did. Well said man!
  9. Sorry guys, my blissfully UNinformed self has derailed the thread. Carry on with the signings cause I'm done talking about Collins
  10. On the draft I stand corrected, just going by what the TV said. Never said it was a bad reflection on the team, I simply said IMO I don't think Irsay wants to deal with that kind of stuff considering the state of the NFL in all off the field issues. Why is it bad logic? Because if someone takes a stand against something and doesn't want a certain types of people or situations around them or the organization. Sorry if my opinion doesn't fit your narrative to solve our rt problem. As far as me being blissfully uninformed. You speak as if your dealing with the case, talking with colts Front Offic
  11. It was said if he was drafted he could not reenter the draft. Regarding my "precedents" as you like referring to, I am merely pointing out that off the field issues giving the NFL black eyes left and right. Again, IMO Irsay doesn't want to be asociated with anymore off the field issues than the team already has. Collins is a hot button in the NFL right now and not a good one. Again, if he is cleared good for him I really hope he is and he has a productive career, I just don't believe it will be in a colts uniform. I don't get why your harping on this so much, its an opinion and I shared it,
  12. And all of what you pointed is very likely to happen and the police could find out he has nothing to do with it and he be cleared and I hope for him, he is. That doesn't mean the whole process hasn't scared teams away. He was top ten talent and he is now an udfa, so obviously teams are uneasy, hence him not getting drafted. Again if he is vetted and cleared GREAT. However that has no bearing of my knowledge of the legal system. I understand the legal system very well actually as I studied law in school for awhile. My whole point is that I don't believe we will even push for him if he is clear
  13. Why am I being silly? If I'm wrong I'll eat crow but I know I'm not. We didn't touch ray rice, Greg hardy, cut Jackson and the other dude over domestic situations. Cut the WR for weed. Boyett when we got arrested and ignorant. He's not a high character guy in their eyes if he even has to be questioned about a murder. Collins won't be a Colt
  14. Dustin, not saying it's legit reason but they don't wanna be near it with all the be the dealt with last year. Headaches not migraines
  15. His off the field issues. Even if he is innocent, colts won't touch him now
  16. I'm sorry but those who are wanting Collins are gonna be sadly mistaken. He's NOT a horseshoe guy. Sorry guys
  17. I know this is non colts but our UDFA we just signed has a pretty interesting story (Zach Hodges) too
  18. Prewitt to the titans http://www.clarionledger.com/story/olemisssports/2015/05/02/ole-miss-s-cody-prewitt-goes-undrafted/26794945/
  19. Again Dan it wasn't personally at you. But Friday night this board was calling for the staffs head on a silver platter. Yes I saw that you have been positive but there WERE a multitude of angry people after the dorsett pick and then some rumblings when we traded out of 2nd. Again Dan my comment wasnt directed at you, just the premise of now Grigs is getting props where as Friday night....Not so much
  20. I'm sorry but this board is sooooo bi-polar its unreal. Friday this forum was ready to tie Grigs to a stake and now the props to him (BTW Dan this is directed specifically at you)
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