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With the Next Pick drops Tonight!

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10 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

To be clear, I have no issue with anyone trying to read into what Ballard says.   None. 

My comment is ONLY regarding the Behind the Pick video series.  Thats all, only that.   Otherwise, I join with everyone here trying to figure what Ballard is saying and is there anything to read between the lines every time CB speaks. 


That's a meaningful clarification for me.


I was just getting ready to say that I get where you're coming from, because there's a lot of grasping at straws and hearing what you want to hear. For example, some people listened to Chris Ballard say he'll probably trade back, and then listened to him explain why he likes to trade back, and came away convinced that he's going to trade up. I don't get that... 


But I was going to say that I disagree with you because Ballard doesn't really make intentionally misleading statements, and he drops clues about his draft strategy every year, to the point that Stampede Blue runs an article before every draft trying to decipher the clues and figure out which players the Colts might draft. I'm not a fan of their work in general, but they've had a noteworthy measure of success for a few years now. They pretty much nailed the Rock Ya-Sin pick back in 2019, they got four players right last year, and four of the first five picks in 2022. Here's this year's predictions. So I think we can figure out some basic stuff by piecing together what we know about the Colts preferences and comparing that with the things Ballard has said.


However, your clarification is important, because in these videos I think the Colts are very careful to avoid releasing any identifying information about prospects and teams. In this latest video, we see someone watching tape of a Michigan game, and we hear someone's voice at the same time, so maybe you'd think what's being said applies to a Michigan player. But the audio might not be synced with what we're seeing. The way they splice in the B-roll and handle the audio, they can be showing you one thing but talking about something completely different. That's not rocket science, it's not a novel concept, but it's important to keep it in mind. And it would be smart of the Colts production team to make sure they misdirect whenever they can.

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On 4/23/2024 at 10:49 AM, richard pallo said:

Well it’s expensive to move up into the top five.  He said in his presser moving up for Harrison is a “fantasy “.  I would guess he’s referring to pick 4 or there about.   That’s expensive.  I don’t consider he meant that high when he mentioned striking distance.  For me striking distance starts at pick 9.   Probably costing our 2nd round pick as well.  Let’s face it the only 2nd rd picks where Ballard acquired a great player with were Leonard and Taylor.  Leonard in the 30’s and Taylor pick 41.  We would be giving up 46 with a chance to get elite.  Pick 46 would probably get good not even great if he used it.  I’m hoping he tries for greatness this time and stays or moves up.  Please don’t trade back.  That’s all I ask.

I would beg to differ on CBs success in 2nd rd picks. I would put Pittman and Smith as darn good if not great players and Dayo and Downs with very good potential. I would much prefer we trade back a few spots in the 1st and pick up a second as I believe there is great value in the 2nd round in this draft.

What's fun now before the draft everyone of us has an opinion and at this point no body is wrong. Once the draft is concluded then all the second guessing begins and only one guy is wrong and being criticized and that guy is CB. Should be a fun next few days. Football is back!!

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17 hours ago, ProblChld32 said:

What he “projects” and what he would play are two completely different things. Idk why people sleep on DeJean, he’s going to surprise a lot of people wherever he ends up going. The kid is a DAWG.

I agree.  I’ve watched just about all of his snaps. Iowa has put a lot of DB’s in the NFL lately. I was a big fan of Brents when he was there but Dejean is the best of them.   Having said that, I think Mitchell profiles as the perfect complement to Brents. After, I would rather have Dejean over Arnold especially if they can trade back and get him. 

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    • Massive deal. Billions of dollars to the local economies inbound from each of these events. The Rumble is my favorite night of the year, so I’m most excited for that one. There’s nothing better than a well done Rumble.    I’ve said since the day it opened that I don’t know why WWE hasn’t run WM at the stadium. Coming in the north entrance and seeing the ring down below and a full house across the way is going to be a killer camera shot.      Hopefully they open the roof for SummerSlam. 
    • Shaw did do a very poor job of recruiting his last few years which infuriated a good part of the fan base.  They were happy to see him retire early, though he left with a very generous golden parachute which made many fans even angrier.      As for the Hogan years, yes they were very good.  But not primarily due to Hogan who was a nice college level quarterback.    Hogan was supported by (A) Christian McCaffrey and (B) the most talented Stanford recruits in school history.  Including an OL with two future 1st round draft picks on it plus other very good talent.  And (C) some of the best defensive players Stanford ever recruited.   The team was as loaded as Stanford can get.  Hogan just had to be good, there was rarely pressure for him to be great.    Someday….  (If anyone is interested)   Perhaps this off-season, I’ll tell you some great Stanford Sports stories.  The school is an odd mix of strange decisions concerning football and other sports plus some decisions that are both good and infuriating.  Most days it’s easy to be a Stanford fan.  But somedays the school makes it so hard.   Harder than they need to.       
    • 3-14 mostly cause AR is still a question mark. I do like what I did see but until he proves he can make it a season, no one knows. So I’m setting bar low
    • They didn't win a game that AR played the majority of snaps. I am not even factoring in his injury risk. Even assuming he's healthy, he's basically repeating his rookie year. While everybody would agree his upside is higher than Minshew's, there's still nothing definitive to point to AR automatically equaling more wins.    Also, as you mentioned, the Colts fundamentally stayed the same, meanwhile, AFCS teams got stronger, especially HOU and TEN. TLaw beat both Minshew and AR last year. Stroud is now in year 2. Levis will be in year 2 (and if we think AR will make a jump, we have to consider that Levis could as well).   Yes, they won 9 games last year with Minshew. But their schedule isn't the same nor is it easier. So it's weighing the impact of AR returning + some young player development) vs. a much tougher schedule of QBs + offseason improvements for other teams (in most cases) + some young player development.   When I compare what happened last year to what they are facing this year, I don't see where they are supposed to make up the ground in the win column. I suppose there could be a rash of QB injuries again. But barring that, the win improvement has to come against good-great teams, which is a tall order.  
    • History says you win with a great qb or a great defense.  A great d hasn't won in a long time.   What does that leave??
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