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Colt's Frank Reich needs a deeper run into the playoff's.

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Colts' Frank Reich ranked in middle tier of NFL HCs

Kevin Hickey 


Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich enters his fifth season leading a roster that seems primed to compete for a playoff spot during the 2022 campaign.

Though the Colts have made the playoffs just twice during his tenure, there have been some pretty extreme circumstances contributing to that fact. Even so, Reich has earned respect around the league as a strong leader and smart playcaller.

In CBS Sports’ head coach rankings, Reich was placed at No. 12 in the middle tier labeled “the guys,” which was described as the following: “Some of these coaches are past their prime. Some of them are approaching it. At the end of the day, they represent the majority of head coaches and the middle tier — proven or respected as competitors but not necessarily title contenders.”


Here’s what CBS Sports had to say about placing Reich at No. 12 among NFL head coaches:

Season: 5th with Colts and as HC
Career record: 37-28 (.569) | Playoffs: 1-2


Almost. That’s been the operative word of Reich’s tenure. Andrew Luck almost looked like he’d stick around as his QB. Philip Rivers almost led a surprise playoff run two years later. Carson Wentz almost led a playoff run under his watch. The common thread, of course, is the QB shuffle, which he’s navigated as gracefully as possible. Now linked up with Matt Ryan, the floor once again feels relatively high. The question is whether Reich and his occasionally conservative tendencies can get over the hump with a team built on older-school staples like the ground game and defense.

The expectation is that the Colts will be a more consistent team than they were during the 2021 season. They have more stable play at the quarterback position while the improvements made to the pass rush should lead to fewer fourth-quarter collapses.

Reich won’t make it into that next tier until the Colts make a deeper run into the playoffs at some point during his tenure. That could be as soon as this season, but a lot would have to go right for the Colts in order to make a deep run.

Regardless, the Colts have a strong situation when it comes to their head coach. Maybe Matt Ryan can help be the key to a deeper playoff run for Indy.

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GM Chris Ballard and Coach Frank Reich inherited a "dumpster fire" when they joined the Colts.  So - it's no surprise that it has taken some time to put together a roster as good as this years looks.


Given the literal revolving door at QB since Reich took over - and - a couple of years of a significant number of injuries to one or two position groups and it's difficult to REALLY assess Frank Reich's tenure.


Already looking forward to 2022!!

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The fact that Reich seems to elevate his QBs game is encouraging to me, because Ryan has a decent ceiling.  With our defense getting a little bit stronger this year, I think we can make at least round 2 in the playoffs this year.  That's my floor!

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