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  1. PeytsBlocker

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    USA Today has the Colts ranked #32 also.
  2. PeytsBlocker

    Favorite Colt of All Time

    Billy Brooks... Once the new wore off having a team in Indy Bill Brooks was pretty much the only light for the team in some rough years.
  3. PeytsBlocker

    Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    If you're job is to be a talking head then stirring the pot is job security it seems. Current comparison of late for the Indy market is the complete torching that Pritchard of the Pacers took with the Paul George situation. The majority of the columns written or radio/tv talk was the Pacers got fleeced and what a bunch of yahoos running the place. Who's laughing now. Think of all the football experts that were released from ESPN the last two years. The people they keep are the ones who stir the pot and enjoy creating the train wrecks for reality type tv.
  4. PeytsBlocker

    Should we really keep McDaniels hires?

    Mr. Irsay already gets slammed so much by the talking heads outside if Indy. Can't even imagine how bad it would be if he cut the throats of the new coaches. Other teams might get by with it and even praised for being all about building a winner. Jimmy doesn't have that luxury.
  5. PeytsBlocker

    Dr's concerned with Lucks shoulder....

    The problem is no one ever offers legit sources. If Mort said people within the organization are telling him something then the preponderance of evidence grows. Otherwise our guess is really as legit as his.
  6. PeytsBlocker

    Dr's concerned with Lucks shoulder....

    Until you hear something official from the Colts it's all speculation from the supposed media experts and unofficial Drs. Here is an example of what gets reported and the reality. I personally had the opportunity to work around the Colts for 10 seasons during training camp (all with Peyton). In 2008 when Peyton had the knee problem and not seen in training camp the reports were coming out he was not at camp, not even in the state if Indiana, and seeing some specialized Dr. in California or Europe. Media was going nuts on where's Waldo. Truth.... He was at camp from the very first day, had one hell of a limp, and still behind the scenes was taking snaps in a gym with the first unit outside of sight out of mind. Kept this from the media for a week until the Colts decided to confirm he was in camp. The moral to the story.... I'd probably listen to what Andrew says and ignore the rest.
  7. PeytsBlocker

    McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    Maybe not so strange. Writers (opinion and beat) guys have to make an effort in cultivating a relationship with players and staff. I have the belief that Doyel has soured things so much they don't want to talk to him for sure and Holder probably gets lumped in as well.
  8. PeytsBlocker

    What is G. Doyel's problem?

    You would think Doyel would at least try to have a relationship with the new coach before spouting off like he did. One thing for certain is he will only be able to write opinion pieces and not first person interactions. I suspect the organization will cut him off from easy access because of this. I got to see how it works behind the scenes for about 10 or so years when Bill Polian was in charge. They can make a writer/journalist's job pretty hard.
  9. Funny thing is if you think something is going on you take measures to protect yourself. Mr. Polian did this during training camp in 2001. The Colts were trying out QB Mark Rypien and Mr. Polian ordered all fans and media type individuals from the practice field. He stated he didn't want other teams being able to video the practice.
  10. Thanks for mentioning the RATS board. I use to post there oh so many moons ago (2002?). Thought it was time to get back in on the fun. Oh, I'm a Colts fan to be clear.