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  1. Yep really good post. Since both kickers performed the same believe it or not this could have been partly a marketing move. Normally no one really thinks of a kicker but Mr. Specs seems to get a little more pub. Oh and no I don't believe Ballard is letting some guy in marketing run the team.
  2. Wouldn't make too much of Belichick having the Pats practice in the rain like it is this amazing move. Without Brady last year they didn't even make the playoffs. It has always been about talent and I think we'll see that applies to Billy as well.
  3. Not surprising on the Asian culture. They wear masks constantly during flu and cold season. This is noted from years of working on a college campus before COVID.
  4. Absolutely. While this took place during training camp it is in line with DougDew's post. After Saturday pre-season games Peyton would return to the Rose=Hulman campus and ask to be let into the reserved offices to view video. Most players stayed away until later Sunday. The guy was simply obsessed.
  5. Talked to Mr. Irsay a few times during camp. Always laid back and like a regular Joe. During camp in THaute they always reserved a room in one of the residence halls for him in case he stayed over. Never did, but I do know he made sure a nice tip was left for the housekeeping staff who would fix up a room that was never used.
  6. This one I base once again on character rather than amazing football skills. Rob Morris the linebacker. Saw him one time after practice with ice on both knees and struggling just to walk back to the players residence halls. There was a group of young guys dressed in shirt and ties who had attended camp that day just to see Morris practice. I had talked to them earlier and found out they were Mormons and Morris was kind of their idol. Anyway I let Morris know they were there and even though you could tell he was hurting like hell he went and spent probably a half hour just talking to them, taking pictures and signing autographs. Indy Colts have had some really good guys for years and that's why I really like how Chris Ballard handles the current team.
  7. He didn't pick women for their personality for sure. I have to admit they were always pretty close to a 9 or 10 on the beauty scale.
  8. Bah, hiss, boo. Not Justin of course but the picture. Maybe I'm a prude but good ole Mikey there was a real charmer. Not only did he have an attitude with folks but like to cheat on his wife. Watched him a couple of times set up personal meet and greets with females. One's own life and I get that but I'm a big believer in commitment and integrity. The one that really got me is he was standing along the sidelines and kept making eye contact with some ladies in the stands. He points toward them, points to the gatorade cup he is drinking from, writes his number on the bottom of the cup, and then places it on top of a trash can. One of the ladies comes down and grabs the cup. Guess they got to work on contact drills at some point. That doesn't mean other guys may have pulled similar stunts but I never saw it.
  9. Jeff Saturday. Got to see what kind of person he was when the spotlight was not on. I worked 12 years security duty with the Colts during training camp (worked for the college not the team officially) and watched how he treated the fans. He was the leader of the O-line and made those guys stop and sign autographs all the time. Some of them would moan and groan but he felt a responsibility in supporting those who supported the team. Actually the Colts had several good guys like that. The only one I can think of I really didn't care for was Mike Vanderjagt. But that is a different story.
  10. Very well could be. I know nothing of Ballard's personality but did have the opportunity to see how politics works behind the scenes with management, players, and the media. It's been over 11 years since I've been around the team so maybe things are different. Under the Bill Polian regime if you ticked him off he absolutely could stick it to the reporter (no I was not in that industry) by denying interviews or simply making it hard to do their job. I got to see it first hand with the way some of the local Indy beat guys were treated shabby, but they pretty much kissed the ring for John Clayton of ESPN or Peter King of SI.
  11. The older I get the more I forget certain memories working the camps for Peyton. One more story for his special day. Got see Peyton's temper in all of its glory one time. Peyton, the O-line, and a number of the receivers were playing ping-pong after practice and was really competitive. The conversation came up between the players on the different bowl games they had played in college with a lot of bravado going on. It took Brandon Stokley to bring the conversation to a screeching halt and then gut wrenching laughter. Peyton had just finished talking about all the bowls he had been in when Stokley broke in "Peyton that's really a great accomplishment but there is one bowl you've never been and that's a Super Bowl". Man Peyton turned red and I thought he was going to strangle Stokley. Rumor had it Peyton didn't talk to talk for a couple of days after that. Probably not a good move on Stokley's part but can assume they ironed it later since they shared a room during camp. Peyton is a big guy and probably could of crushed Stokley like a bug. Side note: These guys took their ping pong play as serious as their football skills. They don't like to lose at anything.
  12. Spent 6 years as Peyton's security guy during summer training camps. Peyton was signing autographs for the fans after practice and this little chunky kid kept going down the line, would squeeze in, and just kept saying Peyton sign my football. No joking this went on for an hour where he kept trying to get Peyton to sign his ball. This was certainly unusual since Peyton was all about the kids. I finally whispered to Peyton "do you want to sign for this kid or not"? Peyton gives me this * off look and says "get me the ball". I have this big grin like ok you're doing the decent thing. I hand the ball back to the kid and he yells out "woo hoo I just made $20 bucks". Peyton gives me the dagger look and says he pulled the same thing last year. I could hardly remember who he signed for an earlier and he could remember what happened with this kid fan the year before. I never questioned his motive for signing or not signing ever again. Had the greatest memory to recall things I have ever seen.
  13. USA Today has the Colts ranked #32 also.
  14. Billy Brooks... Once the new wore off having a team in Indy Bill Brooks was pretty much the only light for the team in some rough years.
  15. If you're job is to be a talking head then stirring the pot is job security it seems. Current comparison of late for the Indy market is the complete torching that Pritchard of the Pacers took with the Paul George situation. The majority of the columns written or radio/tv talk was the Pacers got fleeced and what a bunch of yahoos running the place. Who's laughing now. Think of all the football experts that were released from ESPN the last two years. The people they keep are the ones who stir the pot and enjoy creating the train wrecks for reality type tv.
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