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2022 Mandatory Mini Camp Primer: June 7-9

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Colts start mandatory mini-camp tomorrow, and IIRC, all three days will allow media.

That, in addition to the mandatory nature, means we should have more vids and stories.... yahoo


I'm sure Chloe will do the tweets, and I'll try to pull the summaries, but here's a primer of story lines.



  1. Participation
    • Kenny Moore - easily the biggest story so far..... we've seen reports of him showing up for his physical today (and that he worked out off site somewhere), but will he show up tomorrow and actually participate, or stand on the sideline like week 1 voluntary OTAs. At minimum it's looks like things are escalating (which is great), and we'll know tomorrow if things have actually improved.
    • Khari Willis - has been MIA with zero public comment. Reich simply said "it's all voluntary at this point", leading some to assume it's a contract year hold out. No reports of him showing up for his physical like Moore though.
    • Ngakoue - from what I read, he sought permission or at minimum notified the coaches he's be working with his own trainer during the first two weeks of voluntary OTAs. Hopefully he's participating tomorrow and we all get our first look at him in Blue! 
  2. Injury front
    • Leonard - while I don't really care if Leonard does a lot in early OTAs, the whole injury situation is a bit surrounded in mystery. Can't make much sense of it given he's sitting out, yet zero discussion of any surgery (minor cleanup or major)... Hope we learn more this week. And hope it's just a minor, precautionary, situation. 
  3. Offense
    • Matt Ryan - we heard mixed reviews week 1 of OTAs, then stellar reviews week 2. Hoping we see and hear a lot more good stuff. I'd love some vid of him cracking the whip and really in charge of the O.
    • WRs/TEs - this should be our best look of how things are going. Still should be heavy on the "install" side, but guessing we start to see some shuffle in the guys running with 1s and 2s.
      • Parris - called the star of the camp so far. Give me more strong vid please.
      • Pittman - I'm interested to see the routes he's running, specifically if he's getting time inside.
      • Dulin - per reports, had the best catch so far in camp, and is looking sharp and building chemistry. Reich even mentioned specifically that he talked to Chris about how well he was looking. I'd love for him to emerge as a legit slot target for Ryan.
      • Pierce - Ran mostly with the 2s, so will be interesting to see if he gets more time with the 1s. Also I just simply want to see his routes to gauge his development thus far. 
      • The rest of the WRs... Strachan got time with the 1s week 1, Patmon week 2. Hoping we get to see some vids of both plus some of the other guys vying for those last spots.
      • MAC - has talked up Ryan a bunch, and interested to see the chemistry they have.
      • Woods - multiple reports of bobbles thus far. Need to clean those up young man. 
      • Granson / Ogletree - didn't hear much at all about them. Hope that changes.
    • OL - hard to glean anything on the OL during OTAs and early MC. Just interested in who's running with the 1s and 2s overall. Do Pryor and Pinter stay with the 1s, or do we see a little shuffle?
    • RB - like OL, RB is simply not something we'll be able to see a lot from. Only exception is use in the passing game, and who's running with the 1s, 2s, etc.. Hope Hines is spending time with the WRs. Also, might see some snap shuffling at #3. 
  4. Defense
    • CB - aside from the Moore drama, will be interesting to see some one on ones with guys battling for starter and roster spots. So far, Rodgers and Facyson getting good reviews.
    • S - aside from the mystery of Khari....
      • Blackmon - how is he progressing
      • McLeod - has gotten good reviews thus far
      • Cross - got some time with the 1s in week 2, and would love to see some vid on him. Also would like to know if that time is at FS or SS. 
    • LB - Aside from the Leonard injury stuff, reported that Oke is looking good and very active. Very interested to see a few of the young guys, and who they're running with (like Speed, Domann, Skalsi, Glasgow, etc.). Likely some heated competition for those last spots, and it'll come down to STs.
    • DL - should get our first view of Ngakoue. Also interested to see how that impacts Banogu's reps, and just would like to see some Banogu vid in general. Overall, just curious to see the lineups of the 1s and 2s. Is Dayo gonnna play inside and out?
  5. STs
    • Hopefully a little info on success % from Hot Rod and Verity's battle
    • Who is getting most return reps?
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    • Ya we need one. It's on ESPN and it's a 1pt PPR, but there's also defensive points for passes defended. So there's a little more points from Defenses. 
    • Says the right things I guess.   Same guy though that in two games, which we won by  a combined score of 72-15 (and never in doubt), ran JT into the ground 64 times...    Good intentions though.    I do think his production/attempts decrease though.     
    • I'm not as optimistic as you are in some areas lol.  I'm in a wait and see mode in several. And a prove me wrong mode until I see something different in a few.    Doesn't really matter. If we're good, everyone (most anyway) will be happy and forget about a lot of the stuff. If we're not, the same conversations will be had.   Perhaps we need a "Colts Negative" thread to go along with the "Colts Positive" thread lol.... It would be a safe place for all the neg nancies to vent. I don't think the Colts Positive thread has kept the sunshine pumpers from pumping sunshine in normal threads though 
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    • I have even been posting with a chip on my shoulder lately, grouchy at times, etc.. As a fan I am all in, in serious mode once September rolls around. I am on record saying AFC Title Game or bust for us, time to man up, etc..    I just think we have the QB, roster, and yes even coach to get to the Championship Game and then from there lets see what happens. Matt Ryan doesn't have that ring so I have a feeling he is going to have a big year, not so much statistically but just making big plays at crucial moments. I don't see Taylor missing much of a beat either, and I think Pittman will even be better. Hines will be our ace in the hole, bailing us out on many 3rd and shorts with the pass. I like our defense but not sold on it, I am concerned about Maniac because we need him. He creates so many game changing Turnovers. Overall, I love our team though. Only huge question mark is LT IMO, but Nelson plays on the left side so that should help.
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