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It is not unusual for people that work together to put money in a kitty and buy multi lotto tickets. 

I did it with my last job every week for 13 years. 

We would double the kitty when the jackpot got real big. More numbers - more chances to hit the big one.

In 13 years the biggest hit we made was $10,000.  After taxes it was just over $6,500. That was split 5 ways. 

Had we hit the multi million one we could have all retired early. 

 I know this was betting on football but the concept is the same.


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    • This^    Pretty much exactly what I was thinking, and what I believe Ballard is doing
    • Trading for Buckner was a great move.  Seems like you don't like it. 
    • That's what destroyed our talent with Grigson and aside from injuries that's what has hurt the eagles since they won the Super Bowl. Sure you can go all out to try to win one Super Bowl or you can do what Ballard is doing and creating an organization that will win multiple, if you want great things patience is key.
    • Because QB, and QB INTs are the easiest bright shiny object to go after if you're too lazy to compare vs the league, or unable to subjectively critique all aspects and context.
    • We’ve had our share of “dancing” RBs.  I’ll take Taylor’s style over that every time.  He gets the yards that are there.   Give him some time, the big runs are coming.  If he gets more consistent blocking on the 2nd level, like from the WRs, his average will increase.  But the guy rarely loses yards, has the necessary speed, can power thru guys when necessary, and has been very exciting on screens and short passes.  He’s had a good number of big gains that way.   Losing Pittman and Campbell has affected more of this offense than i think we realize. Pitt is the “Funchess” of last year. Remember how important that chess piece loss was a year ago?  And Campbell was the guy that could extend the field .... quickly.  With those two on the field, i’d love to see some defenses stack the box.   I also think Ds may stack more because of Rivers immobility than being unable to throw downfield.  Rivers cant extend plays like others, cutting down the time DBs need to cover.  Add in Reich’s love of quick hitting passes and RBs and TEs heavily utilized in passing and it makes sense forDs to favor playing more guys up.
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