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Top 19 Games of the 2019 season (NFL.com)

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I saw this story on NFL.com....    and my first instinct was that they wouldn't have any Colts game on the top games of the upcoming season.


And BOY, was I wrong!    (And happy to be!)


The Colts have not one,  not two,  but THREE games on their list of the top 19 games of the season.


Number 18 is our game with the Chargers in Los Angeles.


Number 11 is our game with the Chiefs in Kansas City


And Number 5 is our game with the Saints in New Orleans.


Color me impressed!     I'm glad to see people taking us more seriously.    Always a good thing!


The only disappointing aspect of this is obvious....   all our top games are on the road.    None at home.   But we'll all be watching!


Here's the story if you want to read it...



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