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This is our superbowl

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No matter what happens rest of the year, I am proud of the team for being in this game. 


Great future ahead!

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    • Now your fandom aimed at Brady is showing. .If you don't think a head coach has the most influence over a QB and the whole team I don't know what to tell you. What was the record of the Patriots for the games played without Brady? I suppose you think Bill Walsh had nothing to do with the success of Montana and Young? I suppose you think Jimmy Johnson had nothing to do with the success of Aikman? Of coarse Lomardi didn't do anything for Starr. Every team in the NFL are looking for head coaches that can make their team successful. If they don't, they are fired. Belichick has taken whatever team he has put together and made winners out of them. What you seem to forget is no QB can get any wins without a total team around him. They are as only as good as the other players play as a team. Belichick has the system and the knowledge to put those teams together. When any QB gets a win the very first thing they say it's all about the team. That is not something said to please the fans wanting to put him on a pedestal. As far as my integrity, I am not the one who comes into a Patriot forum and insults the intelligence of being open minded.
    • Didn't realize he'd played that many.  Thanks!
    • I would say the Manning brothers in general have been by far the biggest thorn in the Patriots side than anything.  Peyton has taken them out in the AFC Championship 3 times I believe, and Eli has beat them twice in the Superbowl.    That's 5 potential championships lost at the hands of the Manning's which is still insane being that the Patriots have still won so many championships.  
    • He is an interesting talent.  He looks good on tape, but 276 pounds in the NFL.  Has there been a DT tackle who has excelled in the league at that weight? Kind of a boom or bust product.  They compared to Donald, but I am not sure if I would pull the trigger on him
    • Agreed. However, when the Broncos had Miller and Ware and went to the super bowl.  It was their interior pressure made them unbelievable. Fly around the end and Brady stepped up in the pocket and DTs  were there with a great push.  I would rather have a great interior lineman then a around the corner D end. Qbs r getting rid of the ball so quickly. 
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