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I dropped off the forum for a while because I was home for the holidays doing holiday things in the land of no Internet of rural Indiana.  I don't normally start new threads, but I feel that I need to eat some crow and I don't feel like combing through two months of threads to see if this has already been discussed.  I don't know if I ever overtly stated it on this forum, but I pretty much gave up on this team after the OT loss to the Texans.  I figured the only way they were going to make the playoffs was to win an extremely weak AFC South, and even that would just be a token win.  I didn't see them actually doing anything in the playoffs if they made it.  Once they lost to Houston, I figured that canned just about any reasonable chance they had of winning the division.  Man, how wrong did I end up being?  And not just about the Colts, about everything.  Rather than once again being the embarrassment of the AFC, the AFC South actually sent two teams to the playoffs......two teams that had a combined 1 win between them when they first met in the regular season.  So I wanted to poke my head in here and eat a well deserved serving of Hoosier crow before today's game.  I actually believe that they have a chance today against KC, and that would have sounded crazy to me back in October.

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    • Ryan Matthews played six games in 2014; after that it was Branden Oliver and Donald Brown. Melvin Gordon was a rookie, and not very effective, in 2015. Reich was gone after that. Chicken or egg... but they didn't have productive backs in either of Reich's two seasons as the play caller.   I don't see Reich or Sirianni as products of Whisenhunt. Reich in particular has been with a bunch of different offensive coaches, with varied offensive philosophies. Tom Moore, Whisenhunt, Pederson... there's some overlap in areas, but those guys are all very different. He was with Whisenhunt for a year in AZ as well, but then he played in multiple systems also.    I'm not sure what Reich's offense is meant to be. Again, it's hard to know with all the turnover at the most important position. But I don't think he's done a good job of stamping his identity on the team. Particularly on his side of the ball.
    • Hopefully Rivers and Pinter are getting some work in.
    • We're 23rd in pass attempts per game right now (so now bottom 10 average), and that's not middle of the pack....., and we were lower before our last outing with 44 attempts which drove the average up. Prior to last game, we were 30.8 which would rank 28th (bottom 5).   So sorry, was quoting that stat I remembered, which was an AVG from before our last game. lol   I will complain when we throw too much vs bad run Ds like Jax, which was a bad game plan. And I'll complain if we run too much against a poor passing D.    I know, crazy right. Trying to pass against a bad pass D. Or run vs a bad run D.... Who would have thought!    You're like an old lady looking for crack to say, you're wrong!... Well, calling us middle of the pack is wrong, and you just did that... Whooooops!   Bottom 5, bottom 10, still bad. It's not close to dishonest. Calm down with the old lady outrage act.    
    • I will say that I think Frank is a great coach.  Look at what he and the Colts in general have had to endure in his first 2 1/2 years:   Unprecedented injuries to WR.  Look at the some of the names he has worked with: Ryan Grant Dontrelle Inman Chester Rogers Ashton Dulin Marcus Johnson- has shown potential Reece Fountain Zach Pascal- has looked great Demichael Harris   Also, I thought about this earlier this week.  He has had 3 different starting QBS in 3 years: Andrew Luck- Retired at 29.  One of the most shocking retirements in recent history Jacoby Brissett Philip Rivers   I"m just saying.  To go 21-17 in 2 years and 6 games is pretty impressive.  
    • I looked into it, apparently the dude actually is neighbors with Brady's offensive coordinator and Brady was going there to meet him.     Regardless the guy looked pretty well off.  
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