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wow. more than one person has thrown this out there now.


Why so many stupid ideas from people. you really want millions of cap space to be taken up by a RB/FB/TE at the backup QB spot!?!?! He may be a super nice guy but he is not a super QB IMO. not to mention the picks we would have to give up to get him. he is not on the trade blocks and if he was, we are in the bottom 5 teams to try to get him. This move would absolutely be 100% rediculous and stupid.

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What needs to be understood here is that the likelihood of Manning missing entire games due to injury is going up dramatically as time rolls on. He has had a few serious injuries in the last several seasons, and as camp breaks he isn't even playing due to his most recent surgery.

This is not a news flash, if Manning is out, as things stand, WE ARE SCREWED!!!

So what then? Is that the time we begin our search for a viable back-up? I'm not suggesting that Tebow is the answer, but an answer we must have. I can't say that Orvlofsky (SP?) is the answer.

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Agreed. It's getting hard to keep track of. Everyday 50 randoms start a new thread about the same thing. I think some folks really just want their own thread and its getting bad with the new thread/same topic. Maybe the mods should post a clear warning about starting new threads that are clearly related to existing ones, and closing any threads that violate this request. It's the only way people are going to learn and this is just going to get much worse as the season goes forth.

I have well over a hundred posts and I have yet to start a new thread.

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    • so let me get this right...   you are laughing at ESPN for wanting to add a voice that you admit you would listen to.    Every single one of your posts are Dear God worthy. 
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    • Lance being there just really isn't that odd to me. In any given year 2-5 QBs tend to go in the 1st. rarely are 4 taken before 21. It's only happened like twice since 2000 and some of the guys those years don't exactly excite you with the power of hindsight. Teams love QBs, but at the same time the evidence doesn't suggest there is really that big of a frenzy for QBs in the first 20 picks as many people seem to think. Just look at the media last year initially. Many people were saying Love would go in the top 20, along with Tua, Herbert and Burrow. He went like 26th and was considered a surprise selection by GB.   So if I were a betting man, I'd say one of either Lance or Wilson falls, with of course it be worth noting the Colts could even end up liking Jones better than both. I have no doubt we will be taking a very hard look at everyone. But for now my prediction is that we pass even if they are available. I haven't studied them, but they don't seem all that more exciting than Eason whom we got in round 4. I think it makes more sense we are signing or trading for a vet at some point this offseason and giving Eason a shot to prove he is the guy we want to begin grooming for the future. 
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