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Browsing thru some available FA's this off-season, and I decided to take a look at our new HC previous team. It excites me knowing that some good quality guys will be available from Baltimore. Perhaps they join us?

Notables are Ben Grubbs (OG) and Ladarius Webb (DB).

Perhaps some of those DL as well?


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Think this will be on of the more interesting parts of new regiem. for years we never really discussed the FA market much because we didn't do much with it, especially on the top end of the market. have no real complaints- we won!

It will be exciting to watch to see if Grigson, who was a part of FA happy Philadelphia will fill some holes with FA's. We have some immediate holes that could use a FA rather than a developing draft pick. I think OG and CB are two places we need immediate help- Grubbs would def be an upgrade over any G we have. Also like Gurode at C if Saturday retires (which to me is looking more and more likely)

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