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  1. I would think that aside from Luck at QB, Wayne at WR, Mathis at DE/OLB, Freeney at DE/OLB, Powers at CB, Angerer at ILB and Bethea at S... everything else is up for grabs. I wouldn't bypass any player in the draft because of a position- we need good players everywhere, RB included
  2. Thought this was hard trying to figure out Polian, this is a real shot in the dark.... Round 1 Pick #1 a. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Round 2 Pick # 34 (wouldn’t be surprised to see us trade down if several guys fall down the board to pick up an extra pick or two) a. Brandon Thompson, DT/NG, Clemson- need for the big guy in the middle- like what the scouting report says about him http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/1675640/brandon-thompson b. Dont’a Hightower, LB, Alabama- big, physical run stuffer in the middle next to Pat. Only concern is he would only be a 2 down LB. c. Harr
  3. In a awful season, thought he actually showed some really good effort and results for a back-up DE. One of those guys that gave it all he had. Just on that note would have liked to see us keep him, but wish him well.
  4. two things... 1) we keep talking about freeney in 3-4, when Pagano has said repeatedly that it will be a 3-4/4-3 hybrid D. Freeney played more only on passing downs last year anyway, it probably will not be much different this year. 2) if you are Pagano, a D-oriented coach, do you want Freeney around to be able to scheme with? I would absolutely. We have been complaining about Meeks/Coyer and their lack of creativity. We are moving from a base 4-3 Tampa 2 kind of D to some kind of hybrid that we have not seen. Could be that it is Pagano who is insisting on having Freeney to fill out some of hi
  5. If we were to remove these things from the fantasy world of sports... the Saints would be in jail for conspiracy to commit felonious assault... the Patriots would just be really, really creepy peeping toms.
  6. If Saturday still wants to play, Chad72 is right, he has no offer from us. Nothing. How can he be faulted for wanting to play, and oh by the way, play with a QB he knows, a franchise that wants him and he might get back into the playoffs. Loyalty has to run both ways, if Colts aren't showing it, then good for Jeff wherever he ends up. That's not selfish that's finding a place to continue your career when you aren't wanted where you are
  7. Interesting to see several comment on our OL being better and our running game... Exactly what upgrades have we made that make us think our OL will be better? Justice has been a second stringer, couldn't win his position with Eagles last year, McGlynn was also a second stringer last year and couldn't win his position with the Bengals.. And it looks like we are not going to keep Saturday, which kind of baffles me with Luck coming in. How does this = an upgrade (other than the fact that Link-to-a-sack will presumably not be starting next year)?? Was hoping that we might have pursued at least a
  8. ... and in other news today the Redskins have released Rex Grossman with the statement "No, and heck No!"
  9. Whether I root for the Broncos or not.. well not... still will want Manning on my fantasy team
  10. Was he just not a good fit for the 3-4? I know he had kind of a large cap #, but seems like you would make room for a guy like that....
  11. That surprised me as well. Particularly as bad as Phil needs good LB"s, seems like they could have squeezed them for at least a #2... no mario, no ryans.... maybe they will be focusing more on their O since they don't have to play Manning 2x a year?
  12. Man, and I thought Peyton leaving was going to be hard on me
  13. to Philadelphia... didn't see that coming http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d827bd334/article/eagles-acquire-lb-ryans-from-texans-for-midround-pick?module=HP11_breaking_news
  14. Colts fan since I was old enough to root for football (since Johnny U) and will stay that way... but always have a soft spot for my favorite players. don't like Denver specifically because of that ****** Elway, but will have to root for Peyton to do well. 1 Colts by a country mile 2 Adopted hometown of ATL, so Falcons a distant second 3 Agree with several of you- whatever team plays NE 4 Then I like to follow players- guys that played at my College, favorite players like Manning, etc. especially when it comes playoff time
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