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  1. One important fact that was left out was Bert Jones was hurt early in the first quarter and didn’t return until late fourth quarter when the Steelers led 21-10. In fact, when he returned, Jones immediately led the Colts down the field until he was hit and fumbled, Andy Russell going 93 yards for the clinching TD.
  2. Polian didn’t draft Glenn. Bill Tobin did. 1997 he and Adam Meadows.
  3. You do realize the rest of the game would have played out differently, right? asking for a friend.
  4. "We have Andrew F_ _king Luck". That's all I needed to hear. Gave me chills.
  5. Would have been nice to kick the ball out of the end zone in the 2010 playoff game vs. the Jets. Short kick, 50+ yard return set the Jets up nicely. But he, he has swagger for a kicker and speaks his mind!
  6. Actually Don Nottingham was the “Human Bowling Ball.” They looked alike and had the same running style.
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