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  1. One important fact that was left out was Bert Jones was hurt early in the first quarter and didn’t return until late fourth quarter when the Steelers led 21-10. In fact, when he returned, Jones immediately led the Colts down the field until he was hit and fumbled, Andy Russell going 93 yards for the clinching TD.
  2. Polian didn’t draft Glenn. Bill Tobin did. 1997 he and Adam Meadows.
  3. You do realize the rest of the game would have played out differently, right? asking for a friend.
  4. "We have Andrew F_ _king Luck". That's all I needed to hear. Gave me chills.
  5. Would have been nice to kick the ball out of the end zone in the 2010 playoff game vs. the Jets. Short kick, 50+ yard return set the Jets up nicely. But he, he has swagger for a kicker and speaks his mind!
  6. Actually Don Nottingham was the “Human Bowling Ball.” They looked alike and had the same running style.
  7. if Mike Curtis stayed at outside LB he would have been a Hall of Famer. The move to MLB cost him that. When you looked atbOLB of that era who landed in Canton, he stacked right up.
  8. And left unsaid is the direct negative impact this had on the defense and why they wore down in the 4th quarter. Watching the offense go 3 and out and having to go back on the field game after game had to be miserable.
  9. Mackey’s number was not retired for the same reason it took him so long to get into the Hall of Fame. He was the first President of the Players Association at a time of work strife between owners and players. He was largely instrumental in organizing the 1970 players strike. As a result of those efforts he was responsible for getting almost 12 million in benefits to players. While recognized as the leader of the free agency movement, John was not popular with owners. As lead plaintiff in the “Rozelle Rule” he was at the forefront of activism for players rights to be free agents.
  10. In 2004 and 2005 Edge had over 3,000 yards rushing a 4.4 avg. and 22 rushing TD's. Tack on another 95 receptions and over 800 yds. receiving. I guess I'm missing the point. He was definitely recovered in 04-05.
  11. I have a funny Mike Prior story. He had signed some things for me and my friend, who's a Packer fan offered to get my Colt helmet signed at Packers training camp after Mike joined GB. After telling him what a nice guy Prior was he was all excited....fast forward to training camp, my friend calls me and says "wow, Mike Prior was not in a good mood. He signed the helmet but was not enthusiastic and told me straight up..I'm not a Colt any more." I thanked my friend and read the Daily News and saw that Mike Prior took a huge pay cut for salary cap purposes! It had to be something. The vet minimum
  12. Scifres was a better punter. Almost singe handedly beat the Colts in the playoffs with his punting. Pat was a really good punter with a personality. Sums it up.
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