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  1. Unfortunately the NFL is not letting teams wear a second helmet (citing safety issues) so the 1955 model is history. The 1956 could see the field again since only the decals would change.
  2. It was an ex-Coltfest today. Powers scored a TD, recovered two fumbles, Freeney with 3 sacks (should have had a safety), and Redding scored.....Good for them.
  3. If they lose to Brandon Weeden they certainly don't deserve to make the playoffs.
  4. Yates last to the Colts the second to last game of the 2011 season at LOS.
  5. Right, because every NFL corner should be expected to stay with guys for 4-6 seconds, which is what our pass rush (?) allows.
  6. Game doesn't mean anything to Broncos if they beat Cincy and New England at home.
  7. Nope....They threw a fade to Aaron Moorehead on third down.
  8. Um, yesterday was the day for tenacity.
  9. I also think that if you throw the ball 26 times in a row as we did in the second half, defenders pin their ears, and admittedly, from Pagano we were in hurry up mode and changed the game plan from short to long throws, they all play a part in increasing the number of holding penalties. It's not just as simple as Luck holding on to the ball too long.
  10. For those who still get agita over the 1996 AFC Championship try these two nuggets. 1. Ernie Mills catch in today's NFL would not be a catch. He hits the ground and the ball pops out. Or it would have at least would been reviewed. 2. On the scramble before the Hail Mary, Harbaugh was brought down by a flagrant face mask. The impact of that miss by the officials was huge. The 15 yard penalty would have moved the ball to the Steeler 14, and the clock would have stopped....
  11. Didn't trading Jeff George and Atlanta's subsequent 9-7 season net the Colts Marvin Harrison? Could be mistaken.
  12. It was called "The Door". And he also partnered in a book called "Season of Life". If you have a son or know a young man who could use a life lesson, the book is on point.
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