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Archie Manning's Comments About Peyton(Merge)


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LOL lot's of reading things into words going on here. Let's look at the actual quote, not the spin in the article.

"I don't know," Manning said. "I think he's working real hard -- Peyton wants to play. He's got a good attitude about it. He's getting his health back, getting a little better. We'll just have to see what happens."

Archie isn't in the front office or coaching staff, so he doesn't know. He does know Peyton is working hard - that is well documented, as is Peyton's deisre to play. Look at the second half of the comment, he says that Peyton is getting his health back and getting better. It's not like Archie can just up and confirm Peyton will or will not play, he can only say "I don't know".

Good grief, folks, about the most negative thing said was "I don't know,". I wish people would stop reading things into comments like this, that are simply not there.

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