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  1. I don't see anything wrong with it...Besides hes been the best QB in the NFL since Stanford lost their bowl game a few months back
  2. Peyton's forehead > toms current hair style
  3. Oh crap did someone say Peyton Manning...that scared the bjesus out of me...heck it worked against me and I'm rooting for the guy. It's actually really simple, both teams just got a HOF QB, one proven one not, one team was a medeocre team, the other the worst team in the league, so it's the broncos. Wait, wait a minute how can a unproven rookie be a HOFer??? Overwhelmingly the Broncos. With that said, I don't think the colts were the worst in the league last year, but their record designated them that. And if the broncos had an actual QB last year they would have done much better. Peyton is,
  4. actually we gave up three first round picks 2 second round picks and a third....and Peyton....Just sayin
  5. Very well put...I can say I see a high interception total, I'd say TD and picks both in the 20s, maybe 22 and 24
  6. With the number 1 pick in the 2032 draft the colts select Marshall Manning... Oh wait what's that Adam, Peyton just veto the pick and now it looks as if the young Manning will be heading to Denver via trade.... Well John it looks like Coach Peyton is gonna be getting him a nice QB in that kid...
  7. Omg I laugh my butt off to this...it's so mean but true....
  8. conflicting reports now...yea i bet... prolly trying to avoid that clause in his contract...for millions of dollars, i'd live in a bubble for 4 months out a year
  9. pick up basketball game??? or millions of dollars??? lets plays some hoops.....
  10. I heard this too, kinda blows my mind when I think about it...wierd.RIP Junior, prayers to you and your family, however I must admit a very selfish act on your part...
  11. Agreed I was doing some research last night about next years talent. Plenty of OLBs to choose from, plus with so many taken this year high in the draft, maybe we could see some first round talent fall in to the second,
  12. Thinking the samething, the thing is, there supposed to be four maybe five first round talent QBs to choose from, so if we had another down year we could trade back a few spots, not to far, in a deal like the rams made, and get the lock down corner, and the game changing NT, we'd have to package both our seconds to move back in the first of course. But that's thinking way ahead.
  13. Looks like a high motor guy with plenty of potential...with the right coaching he could be a sleeper.
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