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Cjmcgirt's Mock Draft

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I'm just gonna keep this one and update it from here on out. Tell me what you guys think, I enjoy the thoughts! :P

1st- Andrew Luck QB Stanford 6'4" 239- Do I even need to explain at this point?

2nd- Mark Barron SS Alabama 6'2" 215- A solid all around player who would make an instant impact for our team. He's a solid tackler and excels in coverage. I have no worries of him being a bust, he's proven himself in the biggest of games.

3rd- Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St. 6'2" 215- This kid is one of my favorites in the draft. With all the tremendous corners in the SEC this year, he goes under the radar. If he comes out in the draft he's expected late 2/early 3rd but experts say if he stays in and puts up another solid season he could be a first. He doesn't have big numbers but that's because no one threw his way.

4th- Will Blackwell G/C LSU 6'4" 290- He had a tremendous senior season and is a solid run blocker despite his size. He was a first team ALL-SEC selection and needs to add power for the transition to the NFL. In our system he could do well and would be a great successor to Jeff Saturday but can play guard for the time being.

4th- Kheeston Randle DE/DT Texas 6'5" 295-Randall has had a disappointing season. He pushes the pocket more than his numbers indicate, but he still hasn't had as big an impact as needed. Thus far in 2011, Randall has 19 tackles with zero sacks and .5 tackles for a loss. His stock has gone down significantly.

5th- BJ Cunningham WR Michigan St 6'2" 215- He's had an alright year even though MS doesn't throw the ball all that much. He's show he has solid hands and could develop into a good WR in the NFL. He has 78 receptions for 1240 yards and 12 TDs this season.

6th- Tashuan Gipson CB Wyoming 6'0" 195- Playing for a small school that's not very good, he's obviously gonna go under the radar. He is a great tackler who seems to be pretty good in coverage. Hes had good games when its matter such as against Nebraska he had 5 tackles, a tackle for a loss, and a forced fumble. He has 80 tackles on the year with two tackles for a loss, five passes broken up, one forced fumble and two interceptions.

6th- Joe Halahuni FB/HB Oregon St. 6'2" 252- With Peyton coming back from neck surgery I believe we'll want to run the ball a little bit more. We've been bringing in FBs all season so I think it would be a good idea to take one. Halahuni is also an excellent receiver out of the backfield, a plus in our system of course.

7th- Roy Roundtree WR Michigan 6'0" 177-Roundtree had a good season for Michigan in 2010. He caught 72 passes for 935 yards and seven touchdowns. He set a Michigan record for receiving yards in a game with 246 last season against Illinois. He has some good speed, but does not have kick or punt return experience to help his draft status. Roundtree will definitely have to add some weight for the NFL.

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I like us taking a few bigger corners to match up with some of the bigger receivers in the NFL. Size isn't everything (just look at Revis), but it helps

size really isnt that big a deal its hips, feet and recover speed that matter. look at cromartie probably the biggest cb in the nfl and even he gets burned

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YES. Finally someone sees Xavier Rhodes like I do. SO under the radar that guy is. Just because he's not in the SEC..... Also I hope Baccari Rambo declares. He's under the Radar too, hes a SS with 6 0' 218 pound size. Has seven picks on the year with 12 passes defensed, great tackler and instincts. IMO hes a little more raw than Barron but has higher upside.

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