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  1. I think Coleman could become a big part of this offense, if we went HB later I like Cobb from Minnesota a lot.
  2. 1) Jordan Phillips NT Oklahoma One of my favorite players in the draft, standing at 6'6" 334 lbs he can plug the middle and help our defense, run and pass, from day 1. He is very strong at the point of attack and hold his ground in the middle. When he puts everything he has into it he can drive anyone back one on one and collapse the pocket. He will get fatigue late, although he does have good stamina for a big man, but he will make plays on the ball (tips and swats) when he does sit back. He has great length at 6'6" and will take on his man and get a hold of the ball carrier often. I like his play more than Danny Shelton except he isn't as consistent but he was a redshirt sophomore. 2) Tevin Coleman HB Indiana (Trade Up, give up our 2nd, 6th of this year, and a 4th of next year to move up to get him) The most complete back in the draft. Underrated speed and great power when he squares up. Willing blocker and will put his body on the line all game and take a beating. Similar to Melvin Gordon when it comes to acceleration and break away speed in the open field. Seems to have good balance. Proven pass catcher unlike Gordon although I believe Gordon can as well. Excellent production although supporting cast isn't great. Can't wait to see what he can do with good talent around him. 3) Jake FIsher OT Oregon Love Jake Fisher, he's everything you want from an offensive lineman. Team player and versatile can play on the right or left and bet he can play guard but I would keep him at tackle as the replacement for Cherilus. He has good footwork and can anchor well, good with his hands. Needs to get stronger and a year behind Cherilus and in the weight room will do wonders. Needs to improve strength and tends to put his head in the chest of stronger rushers which needs to stop. Has some nastiness to him. 4) Stephone Anthony LB Clemson Underrated player at Clemson, can develop into a great 3 down linebacker with proper coaching. Great sideline to sideline speed. Good at run, good at pass, not great at anything at this point. Colts have talked to him already at the senior bowl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEpAFEF2n3I#t=171 5) JaCorey Sheppard CB Kansas Favorite corner in the draft. Completely under the radar, he was a playmaker at Kansas. Excels in man coverage and good at press. Great ball skills, reminds me of Xavier Rhodes in college with the ball in air without Rhodes length (not a bad thing though. He's 5'11") I think it would be great for the Colts to get him and let him play dime his rookie year and then cut Toler and let Sheppard take his spot. I like Toler but he gets picked on and exposed often and wayyyy to many illegal touching penalties. Willing tackler, reminds me of Vontae, he will make plays in the box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSBdMEpx6ZU#t=291 6) Josh Shaw CB/S USC Didn't have a great senior bowl, he insists on trying to be a corner. I like him at safety that can come down in the dime situations. Good developmental player that could play special teams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgklsAM68so#t=20 7) Michael Dyer RB Louisville A player to take a flier on, good production all the way back to his Auburn, Cam Newton days. Character is his question. Risk/Reward pick here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CIGymGxZr4#t=86
  3. An interesting part of the draft for me is to see if it seems dramatically different then the past two because Irsay isn't there. Will we see that Grigson has some different beliefs in the draft or that Irsay didn't play a GIGANTIC factor in the pick selection.
  4. I haven't watched it yet but my first expectation was a 30 second video lol but then 3:30 what!?!?!
  5. Definitely gonna carry a fullback this year. Pep's scheme is one that utilizes the traditional fullback and not the "hybrid" H back.
  6. When I read this I thought of the state "New Jersey" numbers.
  7. I voted expecting a fair result but cmon, 38 to 8? This vote is incredibly biased.
  8. Great move but the sad thing is one of either Whalen, Rogers, or Brazill is going to have to go now....
  9. No, thank Mike Bluem. The best in the NFL.
  10. was literally just thinking that lol, also future idea lol if the player we want is in the NFC and is a pro bowl player put a clause for extravagant amount of money if player makes nfc pro bowl team. But yeah, don't see them beating out Bengals or Ravens
  11. You could always do a sign and trade if that were the case.
  12. I'm pretty sure "can't agree to restructure with anyone but Indy" would be shutdown real quick by the poison pill clause.
  13. I agree that it's risky but you'll have to be risky to pry him from the Browns. If anyone can/should do it, it should be us in this division.
  14. We don't need to trade anything for him lol, let's poison pill without "technically" poison pilling. Give him the regular contract we want to give him with an incentive of a 15 million dollar bonus year one if the team doesn't make the playoffs. Browns will cower at the risk of a near 25 million dollar hit lol. Not a poison pill because the Browns can match but definitely won't knowing darn well they aren't making the playoffs, especially in that division.
  15. I'd rather get Roberts future replacement in someone like Kyle Van Noy
  16. If a team offered a huge one year deal and the Browns matched it they couldn't add more years to the contract, no. Whatever deal they match is the exact contract they have to sign him to.
  17. I'd love if we could move up and take Calvin Pryor at this point
  18. I want Byrd NAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Anyone have the current cap for us?
  20. Byrd and EDS and I can die happy.
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