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  1. Im honestly not too worried about these guys. Louis played pretty decent, Reitz has started and he has shown to play very well. Gordy will play fine. I really just was AQ to start again. We cant afford to have Harrison botching snaps against the Texans.
  2. Yeah our only TD given up over 40 yards was is Jacksonville. But the longest pass against denver was like 20 yards, there was none in Denver 40*.
  3. Is he really rated that high?? Dang, i thought he was performing pretty average. With Serge next to him him now then thats a great duo!
  4. With a good Texans defense i say no turnovers. It is lucks 3rd year and he still is growing (not even in his prime), but he seriously needs to cut down the INTs.
  5. DMVP: Can i pick Davis and Werner?? Werner had a career game and Davis put the lock down the the Smith brothers. OMVP: Costanzo. Offensive lineman rarely get love but he was flawless. Didn't see any pressure and locked up whoever he went against.
  6. I agree with that. Those easiest schedule things are such nonsense. As for the remaining games i think personally think. Hou, Pit, NYG, Cin, Dal, and NE will give us the toughest competition. I think we could end up anywhere from 10-6 to 12-4. I think we will win the division and the placing will depend on how we play against Cin and NE.
  7. Our defense has been really unpredictable the past 3 games and i hope that continues. My only questions are, can Werner keep producing? Can Sergio Brown keep producing? When will Art Jones come back? Also i would like to see Montori get more snaps at NT. He looked like an upgrade over Chapman and got some great tackles and penetration in the run game. On one last note is I hate how people say we had a bad run D against the Ravens. Justin Forsett gained 29 yards on one carry against a prevent defense. If you take that out they got 14 carries for only 61 yards. So to end my rambling lol, i loved
  8. I bet LG will be Louis and RG will be Reitz or Harrison. I really hope that they put Shipley at C again. Hes not a perfect center but he doesnt make bonehead mistakes like 2 bad snaps and forgetting to snap it completely.
  9. I don't think it was malicious but with how he rules rules are for protecting QBs that by rule should have been a call. Also a late hit to the head of any player should be called that was clearly late.
  10. Lol i like your analogy. But its true. Webb was all over Hilton, and that hit on Luck that Mosley put on him definitely should have been called. When a QB or is on the ground that is an immediate penalty. That one is the one i was most mad about.
  11. The refs yesterday lol. Idk if it was me but that late hit on Luck, Ladarius Webb, the PI call on Toler they were terrible.
  12. That should have been called. Especially with all the new rules about protecting Quarterbacks that was a horrible miss call. The refs were just horrible all around yesterday.
  13. I love the signing! He can easily give us a good rotation of Walden, Werner, Newsome, and Butler.
  14. Wow, I don't know what have your panties all rustled. I think its time to lighten up there.
  15. Harrisons pass blocking was great i saw absolutely no pressure from him, but his run blocking was just non-existance. Luck played a great delay hand off, had the LBs faked out, and all Harrison had to do was block McPhee and he completely whiffed. I great pass blocking on the OL yesterday. But the screen and run blocking definitely weren't there.
  16. Yeah i figured it was lol. I just know he replied to it trying to be snarky.
  17. The pro bowl is a joke. All it is is a popularity contest. Yeah it would be cool if he made it but in the grand scheme of an NFL season its all about the Super Bowl.
  18. I liked the play calling. The Ravens defense was the most physical defense we've faced all year, I'm honestly fine with a bad offensive game.
  19. him getting benched is seriously beyond me.
  20. To be honest i can care less about the pro bowl. The only bowl i want Vontae to be in is the Super Bowl.
  21. This is hands down a bonehead post. So the coaching gets criticized for passing in the red zone against the Eagles, but when they run it they also get criticized?? Great play calling to run the clock down it was just a mistake by Bradshaw, no one else to blame.
  22. Exactly! Now we go to Houston and shut down the talk of them being a threat to us. They beat the Raiders, Redskins, and Bills. Come on now...
  23. I agree and IMO I actually would like to see Montori play more than Chapman. Chapman is still getting pushed back and he isn't getting the penetration we need. Montori played really well run stopping and his penetration was really good against the Ravens OL.
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