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Colts fans cant win anything today. If Denver had won, media and critics would of bashed Jim Irsay and the colts for the next 100 years about letting Peyton go, but if seattle wins we will never hear the end of "Wilson > Luck" which is completely false.

Indy Colts fans are obsessed with comparing the Colts' QB with other great/good QBs.


Wilson has done more than Luck.  Don't have sour grapes just because the entire fanbase of the NFL is not yet on the Luck bandwagon.

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I know. I just don't understand why QBs get all the blame for losing. There are three phases to the game and the Broncos were outplayed in every phase. It's not like they were in the game and Peyton lost it for them.

Some people would give Manning all the credit had the Broncos even squeaked out a victory.  He gets all the credit for Denver's record setting season.  A lot of good that did him.  Blowing out teams in October meant little today.  He was part of the safety, all his scrimmage-line hijinks came back to hurt his team.  He was definitely part of the problem on offense.  He can't get all the credit for the record-setting season then not get blamed for this loss. 

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