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  1. Who luck isn't as accurate as Dak?
  2. This is going to get embarrassing what a joke for a playoff game.
  3. i don't care what happens there the ones who look like a joke and don't know which direction they are heading.
  4. Do u think irsay will say something ? He should tho because it will only get worse
  5. Nice vote of confidence for your hc right there lol
  6. I wouldn't say vastly but when u have number 1 defense without the best defensive player in league that's scary. They will prob go after another qb if they get lucky like seahawks or cowboys in draft team will be pretty hard to beat.
  7. One thing I expect to see next season is a lot of other Teams fans when we play our home games think a lot of people have had enough.
  8. and we thought peyton had it bad hahaha
  9. ryan has to win it some of his stats and how he has played gotta win it yes brady played well so did Rodgers but ryan has to win it.
  10. Pretty sure we cant move up or down now so it's 15 going off the standings.
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