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My teams consists of

Peyton Manning

Adrian Peterson


And thats about it really, i dont have anyone that is very consistent and have been losing pretty badly even though im always projected over 10 sometimes 20 on my opponents.  The rest of the non-contributors are


J. Randle

Greg Jennings

Alshon Jeffrey

Antonio Gates

Danny Woodhead

Bears D

Robbie Gould


Danny Amendola

Marques Colston

Joe Flacco

Bilal Powell

Eric Decker.


Was offered Alfred Morris and Dez Bryant for AP.  With the hit and miss of AP, this seems like a pretty even deal with Alfread morris being consistent but not as high scoring, and Dez Bryant being consistent, with a huge upside.  This gives me two solid performers instead of just one.  Make the trade?

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I'd take that. 


I might send him a cheeky counter offer to try and get a slightly better RB but I wouldn't haggle too aggressively.



Well that was his best RB, the other ones were Benjarvis and Demarco...  My 2nd RB is Joseph Randle, (either that or MJD).  Now my conundrum is who do i play as my WR 2 and Flex. 


Right now flex i have woodhead which seems pretty solid against the Jags.


my WR2 on the otherhand is another story. 

Alshon Jeffrey

Eric Decker

Greg Jennings

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