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Start Avery, Blackmon or Collie for Jags Game


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I'd go Avery in this instance. He was targeted more than Reggie last week, and I expect this week will be more of the same. Blackmon has an injured QB throwing to him,and I expect Davis to be on him like glue. Collie is still a non-factor after the concussion, even if he is cleared to play, I think Pagano is going to err on the side of caution, and limit his plays, because of the bye week next week, and lack of practice time.

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I do not dabble into fantasy often, but I am feeling a big Reggie home game. Avery is going to be a factor, but I feel Reggie on the outside and some criss/cross decoys for a huge TE game. Avery may be a huge decoy and 'pick' factor. Just my opinion. Collie needs to be 100% to play. We have the bye to play with....not his health.

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