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  1. I think 25 million is thank you enough
  2. I like Eason he has a great arm and he really impressed me in college we don't need other has been not that Stafford ever was.
  3. Why he hasn't done nothing has even taken his team to the playoffs not I can remember.
  4. He calls plays based analytics and the analytics aren't always right but coaches like Reich swear by them and it costs us.
  5. Yeah, I love to listen Rick Venturi he's intelligent and knows what he's talking about unlike most guys who are self proclaimed experts in this area. I agree with him on everything except I think we need a young pass rusher instead bringing back Houston who had a okay year at DE. But to me okay year isn't good enough. But I haven't given up on Lewis just yet if he comes into camp next season fully healthy then maybe we could see his full potential then make a true evaluation. IMHO
  6. Why would Texans trade there best player within the division? It doesn't make any sense to me.
  7. Jacob Eason but not sure though since we haven't seen him the NFL yet.
  8. Yeah, I'm big on Eason but we haven't seen him play in the NFL and we wouldn't until and if there's a preseason. So we have to make a move way before that so unfortunately will probably bring in Stafford or Wentz and I don't like either one. But it's probably our only options. But will they take a one year contract Wentz might after a disastrous year in Philly.
  9. Yes, it's very interesting I hope he's in line to take starter position. Because he has great talent but can it translate to the NFL level only time will tell and again the whole thing will be interesting for sure. I agree
  10. The media in Indy is soft we all know it they like Reich so they write nice stuff about him and it's not good writing. They don't say the facts which is not good reading for those of us who care about this stuff like me.
  11. I believe that Reich is a good coach but he makes to many mistakes and every week he admits to it. I mean admitting it is very honorable but it cost us games at times and that is inexcusable in my opinion
  12. I totally agree it seems sometimes there clueless to the insufficiencies to this scheme it almost like there trying to loss or something I know there not but come on.
  13. Mine is coaching at least the play calling is terrible in my opinion. I mean it for both sides of the ball the defensive play calling is lustrous and I'm not a fan at of Eberflus as others seem to be. But I put this solely on Reich he's the head coach he's the boss of the players and the other coaches and I put this on him. He doesn't seem to want to change anything either. I really like Reich and have desperately wanted this to workout but it hasn't to this point. I wonder what Ballard really thinks because were never going to know he's not going to tell in public and maybe not even Reich but I'd like to know.
  14. He had pressure on him all day especially on the last drive you guys expect miracle workers.
  15. I actually agree with you Eberflus called that soft zone in the second half and any QB is going to pick us apart when we play that we were 5 yards off the receivers. And Reich kept passing when we needed to run the ball.
  16. As far as the offense goes missing are two tackles hurt us in this game. How many times was Rivers sacked at least 5 and was pressured many times which caused some bad throws. I think at full strength this would have been a different game.
  17. Wasn't that pass interference on TY when he fell.
  18. I everyone thinks Eberflus is this genius coordinator if so why would he play that soft zone again in the second half how dumb is that.
  19. It was back to that soft zone it was very stupid.
  20. Okay, than we will need to put the bulldozer at left tackle put Pinter at guard and put Green at right tackle that's my take.
  21. I call Nelson the bulldozer my personnel nick name.
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